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» Shit Stories: Part Number Two

German Fun
So after indulging in lots of food for a few days.. and deciding enough is enough its time for a shit... I let out what seemed like a shit of enormous proportions... it just kept coming out like a train through a tunnel... now curiously at this point i was wondering why the poo made no plop sound... its was surely a giant but no plop.. thats when I noticed the concept of the german poo-shelf.. looking down on all its glory was something like the john holmes of turds and no amount of flushing would get rid of it.. in the end just had to give up...

Now some issues with poo shelf-- one you see the turd in full manliness but two.. there is no water to absorb the stink particles.. let this be a warning always put down a sheet of paper in a german poo -shelf toilet..
(Wed 2nd Apr 2008, 15:17, More)