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what the hell do you put in these things?? fucked if i know....
name's Kaydie...i'm 19...i live in Burton...i do medical science at de montfort university...makes me sounds a lot more clever than i actually am lulz...i am a care assistant in an old people's home in Ashby

i'm a little bit mental, but i'm lovely all the same

i change my hair a lot...we're talkin brown, brown w/ blonde streaks, black, red/black, red/brown, purple, slightly ginger, blonde, blonde w/ black streaks, blonde, blonde w/ pink, blond w/ purple, back to brunette, now black/blue :D

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» Get Rich Quick

i work in a jacket potato van
as i have no other job...don't get much..have a laugh though...going to Blackpool tomorrow (Y)
(Thu 31st Jul 2008, 21:52, More)

» Procrastination

i have a "phase test" on weds...
in microbiology...it's half an hour to write an essay and we get a question about some gram-negative bacteria...and i know bugger all about gram-negative bacteria...best start revisin soon!
(Mon 17th Nov 2008, 18:47, More)

» My most gullible moment

i believed that my friends liked me
how foolish of me.
anyway i had an ann summers party in june that my sister did for me cuz she's a party organiser and not one of them showed, backing out on the day. turns out apparently they all thought that they were all going cuz they discussed it at this girl's party that i didn't go to [got drunk instead] and then only the girl who's party it was said sorry. out of about 10 people, only 1 said they were sorry, the others didn't even mention it to me.
so fuck them. i've not even been invited to a party that one of them is having on friday. that she booked from my party [the first one they actually came to the day after my 18th this year].
bitches. they can all go screw. i know who my friends are. unfortunately i'm down to about 5 and i'm now paranoid that there's something unlikeable about me and that noone at uni is going to like me =[
cheer me up b3ta, kaydie's not happy =[
(Wed 27th Aug 2008, 22:28, More)

» Eccentrics

there was this guy behind the spud van in tamworth
preachin about god...but he wasn't so much preaching about god...he was preaching about global warming...saying that god has a thermostat and that we're all bad so god decides to turn down the thermostat to make the weather bad....fortunately we got more customers so they could all bitch about him =]
(Mon 3rd Nov 2008, 17:39, More)

» Common

in general

no explanation needed me thinks
(Thu 16th Oct 2008, 22:17, More)
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