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» It's Not What It Looks Like!

14 posts in
and it's like the question's already mutated to 'it is what it looks like'. Or rather, 'People seem to have a knack for walking in at just the wrong time'. Does no-one fucking read things properly these days?

Poor chthonic must be wishing he hadn't bothered.
(Thu 9th Dec 2010, 23:15, More)

» Rubbish Towns

Thanks to my work
I travel all over, staying places for a few months at a time, but the worst town is the one a couple of miles from where I live.

Dewsbury. It's a typical Yorkshire market town: rundown, inbred and rough as arses. Karen Matthews comes from there, and she's almost typical of the denizens of the parish. Two of the Tube bombers were from there, the Yorkshire Ripper was in court there, and its MP claimed a mortgage on a house he'd already paid for. It also has the largest population of wild smackheads outside Scotland.

Still, at least it's not Batley.
(Sat 31st Oct 2009, 12:25, More)