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Hey Jude

(Fri 15th Aug 2014, 15:13, More)

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» Pointless Experiments

Hilti bullets
As a young boy I had the usual fascination with fire and explosions. At one stage I found that scraping and compressing match heads into an empty .22 cartridge resulted in some pretty loud bangs, which obviously pleased me. I began building wire rigs and mounting these cartridges into them, in effect suspending them rocket-like. I’d place some flammable material underneath, light it and stand well back. It was great fun to begin with, but became pretty boring after a while.

Things got a lot more interesting when I discovered a stash of Hilti bullets in an odds and ends drawer in my dads workbench. I became pretty adept at prising the tops open and carefully scraping the explosive content out. I say fairly adept as there was one occasion when I managed to set one off while in the process of removing the contents. Aside from the nasty burns to my fingers, I almost crapped myself waiting for my father to barge into the room investigating the cause the ear splitting bang. Weird that nobody seemed to notice; I was in the basement of our house under the TV room at the time.

My crowning achievement had to be my very successful experimentation with projectiles and cannons. I built a series of tiny cannons that fired ball bearings (acquired from bicycle wheel axles). I cut small bore tubes into two inch lengths, crimped the ends, loaded them with my Hilti bullet mix, put a ball bearing into the ‘cannon’, fixed the tube to a wire rig and added heat to the crimped end. I was lucky not to kill anyone; on one occasion I had one of the things shoot a bearing 15 feed across a room. The ball bearing lodged in the door, almost coming out the other side. If anyone had walked in at the moment of ignition it would have gone right into their head…

Then there was the time I discovered that syringes and petrol make great mini flame throwers…
(Tue 29th Jul 2008, 17:33, More)

» Fears and Phobias

Pointy objects
Single pointy objects make me uncomfortable. They have to be long and thin - spear like.

Collections of pointy objects are worse. The battle scenes in Lord of the Rings - I can't watch them. Too many pointy objects.

Just thinking about it now makes me feel like I've got fine grit behind my eyeballs.
(Fri 12th Sep 2014, 13:18, More)