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Well if you must know I live in Manchester and currently studying at Pendleton College in BTEC Graphic Design.

Oh and if you want to slander me saying "Hey you are not the greatest video game player because I am!" Well meh.

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» I'm going to Hell...

I am most definitely going to hell.
Only a small one, I think I have others but I can't remember them very well.

When I heard Princess Di had passed away I laughed and laughed a little more which could on its own be enough but wait theres more! About 2 days later ,while bored, me and my brother made our own little game where when playing any Burnout game make sure you choose a level with a tunnel and a car similar to Di's, then try your best to recreate the crash. You also get points for how many cars and walls you hit as well as total damage to the cars.

Try it yourself if you want, I tell you its fun!
(Sat 13th Dec 2008, 15:58, More)

» Family codes and rituals

Crimbo time!
Every christmas for the past 20 years its been the same thing in our house. Me, my brothers and sisters would have to wait at the top of the stairs until my dad had set up the video camera to film us opening our pressies... now days when the youngest (Me that is) is 17 and the eldest is 29 most don't really care anymore and just walk down the stairs but I like to keep the tradition up and sit there on the stairs, at 7:00am until everyone is up which can be as late as 10:00am so yeah 3 hours of sheer boredom!
(Sat 22nd Nov 2008, 17:04, More)