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I live in Warsaw, Poland. That's pretty much as interesting as I get.

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» What's the hardest you've tried to get dumped?

not exactly to get dumped
I just used to be a mean little bastard, about the age of first relationships. I would pounce at every occasion to show how brilliantly sardonic/ironic I was.

My first girlfriend on the other hand was a depressive type. If I'd now meet past-me and first girlfriend the latter would surely turn out more likeable.

She phoned me once, as far as I could tell she was crying and commenced telling me every problem she had and finally that she tried to commit suicide by swallowing giant ammounts of ?aspirin? pills.

To which I replied: If you really wanted to die you'd have jumped out of the window, you live on the 13th floor!

Which was extremely funny at the time.

She didn't dump me, she should have.

I can't wait till I forget about the whole thing. Then again it WAS a bit funny
(Sat 7th Jun 2008, 14:50, More)

» Public Transport Trauma

Giving your seat to elderly people on the bus (btw: why do they travel during rush hours - shuldn't they be at home drinking coffee / stroking their cat / reuniting with their long lost son / writing memoirs) is a nice habit. I usually do so - my parents were decent folk and brought me up decent. But every once in a while I can't be bothered to stand up. That's always a mistake. I've been:
-poked at
-commented ostensibly by a group of five nuns (particularly spooky)
-'accidentally' hit with an umbrella/flower pot
-sat upon
-traumatized in many over ways I can't remember. Because it was traumatic.
(Wed 4th Jun 2008, 20:22, More)