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» Rubbish Towns

Alan Moore - Northampton
Ken Loach - Nuneaton
Irvine Welsh - Leith
David Byrne - Dumbarton
Niall Griffiths - Toxteth
Alan Warner - Connel
Alan Clarke - Birkenhead
Shane MacGowan - Tunbridge Wells

Just a thought - shit towns exist globally but they can foster great writing, music and filmmaking which is generated from the general shitness..

(Fri 30th Oct 2009, 20:15, More)

» Celebrities part II

The Diminutive one from ABC
I was working in a clothing store in New York City in the depths of the 90's when the short chap I was ringing up handed me his gold amex. Clocking the signature I realised this was none other than David Yarritu of reinvented popsters ABC (post Gold Lame). I actually really liked How to Be A Zillionaire and advised him of this, so we chatted for a bit about what Martin Fry and the rest of the band were up to - very nice chap and I think he was quite chuffed I had recognised him.

Others: Mrs Bathtub the 1st was in the Music Biz so while we lived in the US I managed to meet:

Def Leppard
The Replacements
The Proclaimers (weirdly at the Roseland NYC, I grew up in Fife about 15 minutes from Auchtermuchty)
Duran Duran (6 times!) - all lovely except for Warren whatsisface who was a bit elitist
Kiefer Sutherland (also shopped in my store)
Stephen King (Sold him jeans)

happy days

(Tue 13th Oct 2009, 16:42, More)

» Impulse buys

Spluffed bonus
I dropped my Kymco CK 125 which gave me an excellent opportunity to justify this:


Bank Holiday test ride and new camera clamp road test :D

(Tue 26th May 2009, 20:33, More)

» That's me on TV!

New York City - Early 90's
Having recently relocated to the rotten apple with Mrs Bathtub the first, we found ourselves, courtesy of MBT1st's shiny new PR Job for Jive/Zomba, attending loads of gigs, promo events and the like. Managed to get to see Duran Duran several times at private events (I was a new romantic in the 80's before discovering Dylan and Gram Parsons), 6th row seats for the Dylan 30th anniversary gig at Madison Square Garden (best.gig.ever) and so on. One evening we had a mysterious invite to a private party in a brownstone in midtown - we attended, faces looked familar, beer was drunk, pool was played and as the alcohol flowed though my system I lurched off in search of a bathroom. Opening a likely door, I found myself in a narrow plywood corridor filled with cables and containing several large sweaty technicians with cameras and sound equipment.

So my seven seconds of TV fame came from walking across the lounge of the original first season MTV Real World house and accidentally opening (off camera by this time) the door to the tech/camera area much to the annoyance of the producer. Good party though..

(Thu 11th Jun 2009, 13:37, More)