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Slightly mad.
Bunks down in Cambridge

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» Get Rich Quick

Jeans and Jumpers
I got a bonus from my old company and bought some designer jeans and jumpers from a wholesaler to sell on ebay. Unfortunately, ebay was swamped with these goods and I did not make my money.
I do have 20 jumpers (ages 2-14) and a few jeans (waist 32 leg 34) for sale at cost to b3tans!!

£2.50 plus postage for jumpers
£5 for jeans plus postage.

Length? erm 34 inches
(Wed 6th Aug 2008, 2:16, More)

» My Biggest Disappointment

Having broken up with my fiancee after 9 years, I was looking forward to meeting new people and just generally having a good time. However, work and my general 'fucked-upness' means that I am still single.

Bah. 28 and single, disappointing.
(Tue 1st Jul 2008, 23:24, More)