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» This book changed my life

book that changed my life
the underground steroid handbook...its a great read..im 36 now and read it when i was 16..it tells you the best steroids to take etc,and what after effects you can expect..by the time i was 20,i was 18 stone,a friendly bouncer,with unlimited females at my beck and call,loads of false friends,my cock never shrunk,i didnt get bitch tits,but i did lose my temper often...im still a lump,and i thank that book for all the fun it allowed me..even the hospital visits for kidney problems,and heart problems seem worthwhile..
steroids...i loved em..and if you dont like my story,
fuck off,or i'll beat the living shit out of you,you skinny pathetic hand pump,cmon...lets ave it....fukin minge,i ll kill ya!!!
see,steroids are cool......
(Wed 21st May 2008, 19:11, More)