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Hi. I'm 30, I'm female. I'm really fit. Or I might not be. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?

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» My most gullible moment

My ex's dad told me that they were had bred a cross between sheep and giraffes at a farm in Shropshire. I believed him and we went out on our bikes through the lanes of rural Shropshire to look at the 'shiraffe'.

It was a llama.
(Thu 21st Aug 2008, 19:28, More)

» The nicest thing someone's ever done for me

Mysterious samaritan
After my fiance left me four years ago I went through a stage of getting horribly drunk, both in public and in private. On one occasion I flounced out of the pub and staggered off down the road in my stockinged feet, boots in one hand. To get to my flat you had to walk through town and then down a dark unlit country road leading to the wilds of Shropshire. I blacked out for a bit, and when I came to I was being given a piggyback down the unlit road by a complete stranger, who carried me all the way to the door of my flat and left me slumped in the doorway. I must have managed to tell him where I lived.

I was so lucky, he could have robbed, raped and dismemebered me and thrown the giblets in the river Severn. So thanks, unknown, unseen and unthanked stranger. You were a true star!
(Thu 2nd Oct 2008, 21:18, More)

» Customers from Hell

The customer was wrong, but in a nice way
I used to work in a call center for a UK water company. You know that they send out payment cards to people who want to pay a little bit here and there instead of all at once or by direct debit? Well this poor woman rang me to find out if she had payed off her water bills, and she had two cards, one for her old house and one for her new house. Every week she had paid a little bit off and heard nothing from the water company. She had actually overpaid one bill by £1000 and the other bill by £800. When I told her she cried, and said she was going to buy a new kitchen with the money. She thought she hadn't paid enough and the evil water company had never bothered to get in touch to tell her to stop paying with the cards.
(Wed 10th Sep 2008, 19:17, More)

» Procrastination

I'm so lazy
Our cleaning lady couldn't come for three weeks, so I just let the house get dirty, to the point where pubic hairs were accumulating in fluffy brown drifts in the bathroom. Disgusting. She's just been and cleaned the house this afternoon, so I no longer have to wallow in my own filth.
(Sat 15th Nov 2008, 0:43, More)

» Thrown away: The stuff you loved and lost.

I lost my bra
It was my favourite sports bra and I lost it on the second night of a five day trek in Patagonia. I don't think it was thrown out, i think someone took a fancy to my lovely stretchy nike bra and pinched it. As I was travelling light I didn't have a replacement and therefore had to go braless until I got back to civilization and replacement underwear. I hate not wearing a bra. My nipples hate not wearing a bra.

Wherever you are bra, I hope you are giving the support I so sorely missed during that otherwise delightful experience. And if you are going on a trek in the wilderness, always always carry a replacement bra.
(Sat 16th Aug 2008, 4:58, More)
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