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"War does not determine who is right, only who is left"


Anyway yeah this is me. Amatuer B3tan, when I'm not doing homework, other A Level-related stuff or punishing 10 year olds for using the microphone on FPS's.

The little shits.

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» Dad stories

A bit of a DIY fail
Apologies in advance if I'm vague, I was told this months ago and I don't do remembering things that well!

My Dad likes his DIY, once running his own small painting & decorating business. He was generally handy around the house (I think he still is, just not at this house anymore) so when I heard this story I was a little suprised...

Many years back, my Dad was carrying out a bit of maintainence on his first flat. Just replacing a plug socket, nothing he hadn't done before so why bother turning the power off?

Anyway Mace Sr squats down after removing the old socket, realises he left some kind of tool just out of reach (blame his memory there) and leans over to get it. Naturally gravity jumped in and chose to pull him backwards... and clever clogs grabs the first thing he can to steady himself- the nice, shiny and very much still on wires hanging out of the wall, causing him to shoot backwards and smack his head anyway.

Bless him.
(Mon 29th Nov 2010, 15:37, More)

» The nicest thing someone's ever done for me

Nicest thing anyone's ever done for me...
Sorry, just been watching Mock The Week:

...one girl phoned herself a cab afterwards! Brilliant!

But anyway, on to the serious stuff. The nicest thing would have to be all my mates, especially one (Nicol337a) putting up with me being depressed for months on end, self harming and eventually feeling suicidal for about a month. Thanks for talking me out of it hun, and god bless you all!

Sockhead if you're reading this, you're only just included in this, because telling me to "cheer the fuck up" and "turn that frown upside down" all the time does not bloody work
(Thu 2nd Oct 2008, 16:30, More)

» Procrastination

I was going to actually, honest to God be too lazy to post, but then I'm in a strange mood today.

Anyways, I'm usually pretty lazy, although I suppose most teenage boys are. For example I can never be arsed to tidy my room- I literally haven't seen my desk for years, or my window sill, or most of my floor. It's all buried under piles of clothes, now replaced tons and tons of bad drawings and all my school stuff.

Another good example is YouTube. I started making some little lego films a few years ago, back when I was a wee bastard. Despite now having even more Lego, a bit more know-how and the equipment to finish them I just cannot be arsed. Same goes for most of my videos actually.

The most worrying thing is that I'm doing my GCSE's, and I'm sorely tempted to do what a lot of my friends are and say bugger I'll do it later to those too.

Oh, and as you may see from my sig I couldn't be bothered to change that properly either!
(Sat 15th Nov 2008, 20:54, More)

» My sex misconceptions

Talking of misconceptions...
Apparently my parents had to try quite hard for a baby before my mum fell pregnant with me.

I think is was down to a big mis-conception...

Edit- Just re-read the top text. Bugger. Can I have one point anyway?
(Tue 30th Sep 2008, 13:30, More)

» Tales of the Unexplained

Techno ghosts!
I have reason to belive I am technologically haunted, so to speak. This happened all in one day by the way:

1) I'm watching TV in my room, it turns off for no apparent reason. The remote is 3 ft away from me. Puzzled more than freaked.

2) Later on, I'm sitting at my main computer. My laptop is a few feet away from me, on the dining table. Suddenly MSN disconnects. That sometimes happens, so I ignore it. Then the big one. My laptop turns itself on. From around 4-5 feet away. And it's closed. And unplugged. By now I'm thinking "what the fuck?!.

3) Just to rub salt in the wound, my Freeview box (yeah I'm cheap so what) kept losing most channels. Even though the reception showed up as almost perfect.

There may have been more, I cannot remember as it was more than a week ago.

So there's my story.
(Thu 3rd Jul 2008, 13:39, More)
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