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» Accidental innuendo

My old geography teacher..
Mr Sandercock.

An interesting name in itself became far more interesting when we realised his first name was Robert.

R Sandercock - it never got old.
(Mon 16th Jun 2008, 0:42, More)

» Puns

I heard it was gonna snow this month
in March?
but then again.. I guess they didn't call it March of the Penguins for nothing.

Well at least I tried.
(Thu 5th Mar 2009, 19:00, More)

» Accidental innuendo

Gay clubs and their fags..
Passing by a gay club/bar at what must of been around midnight, me and a few merry friends walked through a large crowd of what must of been at least 20 smokers, and one of them accidently jabbed their cigarette end on to one of my female companions.

"OW!" she screamed. "I JUST GOT FAGGED!"

Thankfully all we recieved was many a dirty scowl and a sore stomach from laughing so loud once we'd reached safe distance.
(Tue 17th Jun 2008, 14:50, More)