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» Absolute Power

I had absolute power
But it was just for a short spell.

Some stupid street rat trapped me in a magic lamp.

Phenomenal cosmic powers, itty bitty living space.

- Jafar.
(Sat 10th Jul 2010, 4:13, More)

» The most childish thing you've done as an adult

Most 'childish' thing.. would have to be..
Jumping up with glee when my wheat and filling luncheon product is finished being prepared by my local cafe personal, where I would then bounce over, raise my hands, elbows to my sides, hands clenched, and wave them about as I exclaim in the most high-pitched voice I can muster:


It gets a laugh, and has nearly become a party trick with the cafe owner. It doesn't work as well when ordering a wrap, due to the word not being as cute to squeel.
(Sun 20th Sep 2009, 5:08, More)

» Call Centres

"Hi! For your information..."
Some call centre outbound operators are the most soulless pricks on the planet...

Me: Good Morning, [company name] , glasnt speaking.
Insufferable prick: Hi! For your information it is currently 'Provincial Organizations Annual Drive for Goats in Rwoanda'...
Me: I'm sorry, there is no-one at this number that is interested in your charity, as we are already invovled with a number of organisations to help the less fortunate. [/company speel]
Insuff. Prick: .. and it is our pleasure to inform you of our exciting sponsorship opportunities
Me: I'm sorry, I'm getting another call. Have a nice day.

.. melody of Sims-esk conversation occurring ..

Me: 'Cuse me ma'am, could you just hold the line for a moment?
Madam with Manners: Sure thing, sweety.
Me: Thank you ma'am. I shant be a moment. Good Morning,
Insufferable, now murderous prick: HOW BLEEPING DARE YOU HANG UP ON ME!
Me: I beg your pardon sir, I think I explained to you how..
Insuff., screaming blue murder: I AM TALKING! Now! You need to watch your manners, you young git! Never. EVER! Hang up on a charity. [dial tone]
.. all colour draining from face ..

[transfers back to other line]

Me: I'm sorry for that ma'am...
Madam Manners: My goodness, are you ok? You sound like you've just seen a ghost.
Me: No, I'm ok, the person on the other line was but a telemarketer, I'm sorry for the interruption.
Madam Manners: So don't worry dear, if he was that c**t from the Goat Factory I had call the other morning, you should have just hung up on him. Insufferable git...
Me: :3

(True story. Turns out Madam Manners had a call from the same organisation, probably the same person, and had hung up on him for his cussing.)

(They really need to have better phone-monkeys at that place, otherwise there will be no goats this christmas)

(Names, charity name, removed to protect the c**t.)

I seriously need to stop using angle brackets, they keep being removed.
(Fri 4th Sep 2009, 11:09, More)

» Helicopter Parents

Oh dear
This is going to be the first of many posts for me...

I'm the oldest of 9 children, by way of family separation/reattachment through my father's second marriage. To be called the Brady bunch is a fallacy.. none of us got on.

However, the overprotectiveness of my stepmother has stunted my social and behavourial growth in such a way that b3ta is probably the first to ever hear this rant... :(

Please for the love of my sanity: can anyone else please tell me that they were treated as a child of a younger age when being held in an environment with younger children? I swear I was Child 1.0, a beta model that wasn't allowed to undergo any unknown tests or trials, such as afterschool activities, social activities with friends, excursions alone to town, until one of my younger siblings was first granted permission after an age of nagging.

Not that I didn't try:

* I tried for years to be allowed to participate in school debating in year 8, 9 and 10. Events were held afterschool, when there was no sun out. DENIED. 3 years on, sibling was going to regional championships after being able to compete locally.

* Year 12 extension excursion to the reefs for biology studies / a week off school. I "wasn't interested in biology because I wasn't taking it", even though I was invited to attend even though I had "no knowledge". DENIED. All other siblings that were invited attended. Had the "Best. Time. Ever."

Hell, this one still gets me worked up..

* High School Graduation. I was not allowed to attend because it was held in town, on a weeknight. I WAS 17 YEARS OLD AND I WASN'T ALLOWED OUT AT NIGHT. (Except for work. But even then, I was to leave at the latest opportunity (usually ending up being late) then travel home without delay (which meant any lag time from arrival was never caught up) This was the same for Student Awards Nights too. I was never awarded my graduation nor subject prizes. My subject prizes were just passed to me weeks after the event, usually bent from being thrown about in the admin building.. or posted 3 months after I left highschool in a soggy envelope.


And that's just a few of the issues of BULLSHIT I've put up with.

I'm ok now.

I've moved thousands of miles away to a 'scary town' (which is awesome) for a job that a 'monkey could do' (IT consulting) with a 'man that is too old and will take advantage of me' (he's awesome and all :3 ).

RANTING Suspended. More to follow. Continue? (Y/N): _
(Sat 12th Sep 2009, 11:59, More)

» Advice from Old People

My Year one teacher
gave me the best advice. Ever.

She told me the difference between 'there', 'their', and 'they're', by way of a pictorial explanation on the first page of my journal book.

I still have it somewhere, and remembering it has saved me from grammar-nazis all over the internet.

Thanks Mrs Orth!
(Sun 22nd Jun 2008, 4:48, More)
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