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Smell my cheese!
Im a forward thinker, never in the box!

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» Tales of the Unexplained

I smell a spirit
Last summer me and my Mr were staying at his sisters house in Cheshire. Its not an old house, say 15 years old, so not spooky one bit.

However his sister is one of those psychics/clairvoyant people. Before she left for a wild weekend with the girls, she told us that she is being visited by this woman who had been murdered...."yeah, if you hear footsteps in the bathroom and going downstairs, its her"

Me being the openminded one thought it would be cool....so the evening progresses with a few cans and a curry, then all of a sudden this strong strong waft of what i can only describe as fresh laundry hit us both and then went. We looked at each other and asked the same question - did u sniff that?

Aye, anyway we finished the curry and had a few more cans watch a film then it hit us again. that strong smell. this time i got up and was sniffing everywhere trying to find where it was going....UPSTAIRS!

Hmmmmm, spirit smells, i wasnt going up on my own, so we both creeped upstairs, this smell getting stronger.

And then we saw it....i could not believe my eyes!

(Fri 4th Jul 2008, 11:15, More)