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» School Projects

The Bloody Head
I would have been in my second year of highschool. Being a normal boy in year 8, I was obsessed with drawing gore filled scenes, people being disemboweled and so on (all with loving attention to detail I should add)

Anyhow, we were tasked with making an art piece based on the senses.

My friend and I decided that pain was such an intense feeling it should clearly be a sense in its own right.

We spent the next 2 lessons crafting a soggy lump of paste covered newspaper into an approximately 1 foot long face, bulging out from the cardboard it sat on. We then made a cardboard meat cleaver and various other items, painted them, then lodged them in the still soggy face. Added a little bit (lot) of red paint here and there, and presto... we'll let it dry.

Only the teacher didn't let it dry, and stuck it on the wall in the corridor immidiately, alongside the other works. The paste and paint mixed to cause a smear of red to trickle down the wall which got wiped clean several times over the next few days by a janitor.

Ofstead came round about 3 days after the heads unveiling. I was gutted to find a gap on the wall where it once stood, only a faint trace of red remained as a reminder. Damn censorship...
(Thu 20th Aug 2009, 4:53, More)

» Stuff I've found

When I was a tiny human
My dad and I were walking along when we both spied what appeared to be a £5 note wedged under the tire of a transit van. It was half in a puddle too. So both of us reached for it with lightning speed. Thankfully, being a child and therefore having shorter legs / being closer to the ground I got there first. Turned out it was £20! Bonus! I got my mom to dry it out and iron it flat (and fix it a bit with tape). So did I spend it all on fizzy cola bottles? Nay. I was sensible and went to Dixons (or similar) and got myself a copy of Sonic the hedgehog on the Mastersystem. Genius. By far the most cash I've ever found. Probably more than I've found since combined.
(Thu 6th Nov 2008, 15:20, More)