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I hate cats, Sony and Apple.
Im rather nifty with 3d gubbins, as you can see here.
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It was stuck in my head, so i had to 'shop it.

(Tue 25th Sep 2012, 22:08, More)

Dirty robot bumder!

(Mon 25th Jul 2011, 11:16, More)

Glad he's ok!

(Wed 22nd Apr 2009, 11:39, More)

No hummus, and its not technically shopped, but the theme of this compo made my try my knack at some 3D charicature stuff. Took about 3-4 days.

Sorry - ill draw some cocks on it or shop glitter in the frame if it will fit in more.

shameless portfolio plug
(Tue 16th Sep 2008, 0:27, More)

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» Amazing Projects

Self funded figures
Im a 3D character modeler / illustrator, and i always fancied having a figure based on one of my models / characters. Now that 3D printing is more commonplace, i gave it a go. I had a prototype printed, then painted it myself. I was so pleased, i sent the 3D data to a chinese company and had 50 painted figures produced, which i am currently selling for £90, not including postage.

Check out the 3 Facebook albums called "Trixie figure" for an in-depth look at the production process:

Buy link on my blog:
(Mon 21st Nov 2011, 22:05, More)

» Iffy crushes

Olive from On the buses
I always thought she'd be quite pretty if she wasnt made up to look 'ugly' in the show
(Sun 9th Oct 2011, 9:54, More)