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» Pointless Experiments

Biology mishaps
Ah I remember in my last year, where we had this legend of a biology teacher.

Basically, we were learning about the lungs. He'd brought out a pair of pig lungs for us to poke at with sharp implements, but before he let us at them he wanted to demonstrate the size capacity of one of them.

So he gets a straw.

And he pokes it into the air hole at the top of the lung.

And lo and behold, it inflates to 2 or 3 times it's original size, cue gasps of "ewww" and "haha nice" from the class.

Teacher in question looks up at class to make a comment on it, releases his seal on the straw, and inhales a lungful of stale, moist, 2 week old pig lung particles.

He was *not* pleased.

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