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Ello, I'm me!

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» Tightwads

When I used to work in a bar...
... the lovely landlord used to occasionally stumble in of an evening after closing, a little bit on the tipsy side (read well & truly sozzled) and decide to turn off any not in use electrical equipment at the plug sockets that us naughty staff may have left on to save a few pennies.

Although that plan usually backfired well and truly as he inevitably in his sozzled state managed to switch off power to the fridges & freezers too.
(Thu 23rd Oct 2008, 18:52, More)

» Tightwads

The ex
'Nuff said!
(Thu 23rd Oct 2008, 18:16, More)

» Common

Me when I was a kid apparently...
... according to the "posh" ones at the Girls Grammar school I went to, just because I came from a council estate.

On the other hand, just because I went to the Girls Grammar, I was picked on for being a posh cow by the local chav..err..comprehensive school kids from the estate.

Bit of a no win situation my early teens were :/
(Wed 22nd Oct 2008, 12:01, More)