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Shopping skills are somewhat lacking. I don't always have good ideas. My execution is mostly poor but I have the enthusiasm. Every so often I may produce a pic that amuses and occasionaly offends.

earn an accredited online degree

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» Tragic Attempts at Being Cool

I once smoked a cigarette in the back of a Nissan Micra. I thought this was totally cool at the time. But that was before I discovered Massive Drugs, super models and Honda Accords.

I've never looked back!
(Wed 18th Nov 2015, 0:26, More)

» Get Rich Quick

Well... Firstly send death threats out too all shareholders of microsoft;
Then shoot Bill Gates in the face. Shares plummet. You buy the company for a quid and then continue business as normal. That should make you a few quid*

*Get you sent down for life.
(Sat 2nd Aug 2008, 2:54, More)