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» Shops and Supermarkets

Dream shopping
I often have dreams in which I'm doing a bit of shopping in Tesco, but something goes wrong and it takes much longer than it ought to, or I can't find (or remember) anything on my shopping list, leading to greater and greater panic as I stare at increasingly longer, emptier shelves.

Once, years ago, I woke up chuckling from one of these dreams after having said something really funny - unfortunately I didn't recall it afterwards and couldn't manage to remember the details until very recently, when it just popped back into my head and I remembered what I'd said.

I'd been looking for cake ingredients and I'd got the butter, the eggs and the flour, probably some chocolate as well, but couldn't find the last thing I needed so went to the till to ask where I could find it.
I spoonerised my request, which meant (in the dream) I'd asked the lady at the checkout "Where are the shags of bugger?"
(Thu 10th May 2012, 17:35, More)