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» Tales of the Unexplained

Ok, my biggest disapointment was taking literally minutes to sign up to b3ta, to find i couldnt post my damn dissappointments for a week, by when id forgotten ¬¬

And for spookyness, inspired by this QOTW, ive been awake all night reading all manner or ghostlyness, and have become increasingly paranoid about the blackness behind my window, every few seconds looking up to it. I just know, that behind me, an alien/ghost/christian is watching me, behind the reflection. Come dawn, its finally light enough to see outside, and theres a patch of condensation outside the window exactly where i imagined this presence to be. I froze in panic, literally wimpering, and retrated to bed. I think im going to be afraid of the dark for the rest of my life.
(Fri 4th Jul 2008, 6:03, More)