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» Tales of the Unexplained

i knew that xbox was evil.
well, it all started sometime around 2001. i wasrather young back then,and i remember having a strage dream, that went as such.

I seemed to be following - and directing- a squad of four soldiers. however, instead of being one of them myself, it was more like i was floating behind them, a sort of third-person omniscient type of view. We were in a desert-ish location, similar to the middle east.

We were moving down a narrow street, and in the building at the end of the street, on a balcony, was an enemy terrorist, or whatever. he was pretty entrenched there, so we were moving in for a better shot. I order them behind a large steel dumpster for cover. Out of nowhere, our entrenched militant friend produces a rocket launcher, and fires! being somewhat intelligent (or having poor aim), he doesn't hit the front of our cover, he hits the ground beside it, killing three members of the squad instantly.

Fast Forward 4 years, to the summer of 2005.

I'm now at my friends house, playing his xbox. The game full Spectrum Warrior had just been released. As it was mainly single player, we would take turns playing when one of us died. sure enough, it was my turn. Having long since forgotten that dream, I moved into a narrow street. lo and behold,at the other end of the street was a terrorist. Hunkered down on a balcony.

The events continued to play out exactly like in my dream. I didn't even remember until the rocket hit. Needless to say, I was rather stunned. Certainly the nerdiest premonition I've ever heard of.

If anyone is interested, i think it was at the beginning of chapter 5...

Also, hello all!
(Tue 8th Jul 2008, 16:10, More)

» Best Films Ever

Where to start?
Soylent Green - the ending scene was truly intense!

2001: a space odyssey/210: the year we made contact - both excellent, the second one was more action-y, but you just cxant beat the feeling from also sprach tharathustra in the original

A clockwork orange - twisted, somewhat disturbing and awesome!
(Fri 18th Jul 2008, 4:34, More)