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» Blood

2 friends and I, restless during the summer holidays in 1987 decided to go and look for some mischief. Mischief was found in the form of a pile of fly-tipped building rubble, full of half bricks and broken slates.


We always used to have battles with throwable objects, dodging stones and sticks was as fun as throwing them, especially when done with flair and sound effects. I selected a pile of slates as my arsenal, and happen to throw one at my mate, just as he turns back to face me from picking up a half brick.


The slate ended up between his scalp and skull, turning the whole top of his scalp into a big, hairy flap. Curiously there was no blood. Until we pulled the slate out (probably shouldn't have, but hey - we were 10). Cue what can only be described as a torrent of blood, cascading all over my hapless friend. Oops.

My other friend actually did a runner at this point (makes me chuckle now thinking about it). I ended up holding my poor mates' scalp on with my hand as we walked to his house. By the time we got there, he was looking like Cousin It, but with blood instead of hair. My arm looked like something that should be scaring teenagers by erupting from a fresh grave.

A quick call to the emergency services, a unit or two of blood, lots of stiches and 2 weeks off school and he was all better. Can't remember how many stitches he had, but there were lots.

Never got to knock around with him anymore funnily enough, twas ok though - he was a ginger.

*Insert length related joke here*
(Tue 12th Aug 2008, 10:56, More)