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» Spoilt Brats

The Girlfriends Family.......
First Post! (takes bow)
My girlfriends Brother and Sisters are right up there in the scale of being spoilt bastards...........

Her brother denies all responsibility for the mistakes he's made in his life. For example, it wasn't his fault that he crashed his car while he was pissed (The Breathalyser hadn't been calibrated correctly so he got away with that), never mind the fact that he was on his way to buy drugs... So the day before his court case while he's in the pub (having just resigned for no apparent reason) his mother was at home filling in his court forms because it was beneath him. Mummy paid his fines while he was out of work (through choice) and he repaid her by stealing her credit card and spending 3 grand in a week with his mates. It was mummy's fault though for stressing him out about getting a job.

Her sister isn't much better, while Mummy was flapping about after the brother. She was helping herself to £200 every week from her mothers business account to feed her gambling habit.........

Meanwhile back in the real world, none of them talk to me, Especially her mother as I was overheard saying that they'd never learn to be responsible with money so long as she wiped their arses for them.

Apparently I have a problem with the "upper class". Upper class = more consolidated debt than most small African countries...

(Fri 10th Oct 2008, 15:28, More)