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I a currently a student again after spending the last few years freelancing, I have decided to go back to study the subject I love, Photography!

Selection of my work can be found here

I will happily offer better rates for people from B3ta :-)

Errr I don;t know what else you are supposed to put in these profile-a-ma-jigs on here.

Woooooooo! my first badge!

Following advice, here, have some shoppery!

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» Amazing displays of ignorance

I bumped into an ex girlfriend a while back.
I had some photo prints with me and she asked to look through them, She picks up the first one, A lovely long exposure shot of the thames with tower bridge in it, streaks of traffic going across it, looks at me and says "when did you go to Paris"

To give this a sense of context, I live in London, she lives 20 mins drive away from me, ten minutes walk to a tube station, SHE LIVES IN LONDON!
(Sun 21st Mar 2010, 14:41, More)