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» Things we do to fit in

Teenage Twat
Aged 15 / 16, I was hanging about with a load of no-marks who were getting by with forays into shoplifting and burglary. I decided (as I didn't have the nerve for theft) to set myself up as a fence.

End result (within a matter of a few months) - 4 charges of "aiding in the disposal of stolen goods", hefty fine, immediate job prospects limited to say the least and some seriously pissed off parents. Still embarassing even after many years.
(Thu 15th Jan 2009, 17:52, More)

» Famous people I hate

Always hated Mick Channon
For reasons I cannot explain I was as a young lad in 1970s Hampshire taken to Southampton's football ground to try to collect players autographs. There wasn't anything as useful as an actual game on but my mum drove me and my brother to the ground to wait for the players.

I saw Mick Channon (ex footballer turned horse racing trainer for younger readers) but he was already in his car. Didn't particularly like the fella but as he was an England player my 8 or 9 year old brain registered it'd be a good signature to get so I ran over and tapped on his drivers window.

He wound it down and in his unmistakeable West Country burr said (and I can still quote this word for word after all these years) "What are you doin'? Aint you got no bloody manners?"

35 years later and I still can't bring myself to back one of his fucking horses.
(Fri 5th Feb 2010, 21:04, More)