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22 and male. also attributed to http://b3ta.com/users/profile.php?id=65594

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» Accidental innuendo

A few years back a friend was helping me lay some cabling (way-hey) for a LAN at a student house I was living at. We were using those little white cable tack things (what are they called?) to nail the cable in along the skirting board.

We were taking turns with the hammer (NOT LIKE THAT!) and, kneeling, I put the hammer down to grab some more tacks. Just then my friend leaned over and said, "lemme just grab your tool", to which I, for some reason, instrinctively, replied, "careful with my hammer head!"

Length? about 35 meters of CAT 5.
(Sat 14th Jun 2008, 1:52, More)