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Ermmm 18 19 20 year old male who's always depressed. Likes most sports and food. Lacks anything resembling a life, currently at Coventry University, incredibly bored of university. That's 'bout it.

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» Letters they'll never read

Dear Me...
Stop wasting the best years of your life you prick! Quit being a socially retarded mute and start talking to people 'cos you know you'll regret not doing so in a few years.

Love from,

(Tue 9th Mar 2010, 1:29, More)

» Procrastination

Internet is such a bad invention.
I bet in the 1950s and the like there wasn't a whiff of procrastination because there wasn't any internet so therefore no easy distraction. It's bloody annoying, every day I say to myself 'Right come on let's get this homework done now rather than leave it to 2am the night before it's due'. Every time I wait until the last minute and I don't even get a super power-up boost of smartness (is that even a word), the essays and general homework are still shit.

My brain will tell me 'Come on it's only 300 words you can write that in your sleep' and then I realise I probably could so I can spend the time that I'm awake checking on various silly websites like this. I think I should hit my brain a bit to teach it a lesson, what do you think?
(Tue 18th Nov 2008, 0:12, More)