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» Housemates

We were having the standard "your room is scummier than mine argument" too often and so I decided something had to be done. When I saw a gone off pork chop in the fridge the rest of the plan sort of fell into place.
It was under his bed for two weeks, after a couple of days I had to water it daily to aid the decomposition process. Oh how I laughed as he took his room apart looking for the smell. Eventually the eye watering stench permeated the rest of the house so I decided the game was up and revealed my trick. Oh how we laughed - until my housemate went down with acute tonsilitis caused by air borne contaminants. He was in bed for days and couldn't speak for about a week, the doctor asked if he'd been working around refuse before prescribing a brutal course of anti-biotics. Other people judged me harshly but he admitted he would've done the same to me.
(Thu 26th Feb 2009, 15:04, More)