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» I don't understand the attraction

celebrities dying
I didn't know them and I don't want to listen to people go on about them
(Tue 20th Oct 2009, 22:34, More)

» Public Sex

back alley, bus stop buggery
It was the first time i'd took my new girlfriend (still together probs not after this though) out for a night on the town. We drank and got drunk mainly her but that happens when you give a girl triple vodkas and cokes and white lines all night.
So we started walking back to her place when she pulls me into a bus stop and starts to fiddle with mr willas so like any teenage lad who had, had none for a month started the jiggery pokery, when this little charver walks towards us bouncing like they do and comes and starts watching and looking like hes likng it until i turn around and he looks shocked. You see back then i had hair down to my shoulders and he thought we were a couple of sexy lezzas so having realised he starts his bounce up again and say
and then walked towards me as I pull my two first digits out of my ladies vagina. Now i'm not tough but beer muscles are beer muscles so why waste them, so i stood up which i can scare people with becasue of my giant hight so the young man backed away with a higher bouce trying to reach my face but only managing shoulder hight realises that my shoes are bigger than him and starts his bouce backwards now shouting
"DON'T MESS WITH THE MAD DOGS (a local gang who i dont think knew him because i would not be here now to tell this tale).
Well we laughed and I'd impressed the young lady (in my mind my little head man was doing his dance of happy and old willas knew he was getting some) so we walked were there would be no people to the alley behind this old pub near were she lived. Bang i bent her over whipped them sexy knickers down and banged away like an oil drill not even stopping for the old man walking his dog who strangley didnt seem to notice us. After about 10 minutes my balls were cold because for some reason i decided to pull my pants and trousers all the way down for more give. So i pulled out whipped my trousers up and slapped than fine ass, its sexiest but i love the arse (which i got a week later) damn my girl is easy and thats why i love her.
(Sun 26th Apr 2009, 12:37, More)

» Gambling

I farted my way out of an elevator once
(Tue 12th May 2009, 1:31, More)

» Famous people I hate

I know he's not very famous but what a twat.
(Wed 10th Feb 2010, 15:56, More)

» Failed Projects

painting the ceiling
I just can't bring myself to do it, it brings close to tears when i think about it but if I get a pro in it would mean the last scrap of my manhood would be dished away like so musch rotting cornbeef.
(Mon 7th Dec 2009, 12:19, More)
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