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» Nightclubs

Satans drag strip...
Unfortunately I have the due pleasure of being born and bred in the hideous cess pit that is Costa del Croydon...

Having worked numerous anmounts of years between 3 of the 'better' clubs and pubs on the high street I've had a fair share of the nightly spectacle of free pay per view entertainment that floods the streets.

However the most amusing one (although not technically dancefloor related I was working in a club at the time on the door) includes a group of pissed up morons in one of the other local watering holes.

A group of about 7 or 8 revellers stumble into a plastic Weatherspoons to gorge themselves on *9 glasses of whitespiritandwhatevermixer for £2* offers dressed as a number of famous superheros.

Batman, Robin and Superman all bundle off to the gents to ingest a rake of drugs and get busted, when asked to GTFO of the pub (as politely asked by the landlord)they all kicked off. Wonderwoman who was Robins other half had a sh*t fit at him, Superman kicked off at Spiderman and Batman decided to have a pop at the landlord.

Imagine my and my doorstaffs amusement to hear over the CRAC Radio system that the 'remainsnameless' pub needs police assistance because they'd just seen Spiderman floored by Superman and Batman had just been floored by the Landlord.

The Landlord became a living legend afterwards and that fateful night is still a tale regaled by many of the local barstaff to new recruits.
(Sun 12th Apr 2009, 11:37, More)