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» Housemates

I share with two good looking women
who have a bit of a problem tidying up or doing the dishes , particularly after they've been in the house alone for any length of time . I'm not paticularly vindictive but enough is enough and so today I have hidden most of the crockery and furniture . We'll see just how much of a mess they can make with one cup .....
(Tue 3rd Mar 2009, 16:17, More)

» First rude thing I ever saw

She was sixteen
and i was fourteen . In spite of the age gap she had agreed that we could visit the local woods together for some mutual exploration .It was evening time and dark so I used my lighter to help me see the view . This was my first live muff and I had never seen so much pubic hair in my life . I looked up and asked her 'Can you really pee through all that ? '
'Of course', she says , ' Why ? '
'You better start ' I said ' I've just set it on fire . '
(Thu 18th Aug 2011, 10:06, More)

» Babysitters

I'd never met the parents
and had only agreed to babysit as a favour to someone else and now I was running late , this was long long ago before mobile phones and so running late was more awkward than nowadays . I got off the bus quickly realising I was in one of the less salubrious parts of town , and noticed that most of the houses had no names or numbers on the door .Time was passing so I ventured up to one such door , and my timid knock was answered by a young boy .I first noticed the loud music pumping out in the background , then saw the spliff in one of the boy's hands , then the can of lager in the other.

'Is your mum or dad in ? ' I asked .

' Does it fucking look like it ? ' he said .
(Tue 2nd Nov 2010, 16:23, More)

» Common

socks , hankies , photographs of strangers , close personal friends , sandwiches and on a particularly energetic day , my own chin.
some of the things Ive cum on
(Wed 22nd Oct 2008, 11:16, More)

» Clubs, gangs, and societies

Amongst my extended circle of friends there are a number of people in same sex female partnerships
who have somehow become the arbiters of acceptability with regard to behaviours and group activities , and woe betide anyone who arranges anything without taking their lesbian sensibilities into account.

We call them the Muffia .
(Sun 24th Jun 2012, 12:20, More)
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