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» Annoying Partners

*Really* annoying partner!
it all started wen i was hangin out at the beach n i saw a fat woman n i was like roffle beech whale more like a beach whale ruffle n she turns round n gives me a cold glare n im like shit n she comes at me like a fukin fr8 train so am like fuck that n start runnin off i didnt giv any consideration to the Rags to Ritchie book i left on the beach or me towel so i was jus in me bludy swimmin trunks n sandals runnin away from a fat woman n i kept runnin like michael jordan or som shit n ended up in a hut so this mans there n es like wot u doin ere lad n im like sorry mate i was runnin away from a fat woman n this is where i ended up n e said theres nowt for u ere mate n im like sorry mater i didnt fuckin expect to come in ur shitty hut did i n e goes y u callin my hut shitty for u little prick n im like its not tht bad but its no pizza hut ruffle n e smacks me in the lip n im a hard man and wont take any shit so i smacked im r8 back n got im a good 1 on his chin n he goes u havent seen the last of me yet as e falls on the floor so i go out the hut n i notice one of me sandals is comin loose which is a shame bcuz of all the sandals i av ad these wer by far me favourite they were blue n had a little swiryl pattern but ononehtelss if u love somethin u hav to let it go so i tk me sandles off n jus walked barefoot along this road n i came across a woman not literally came acorss her ruffle but i encountered her n i said excuse me but do u no where i can get som spare sandals n she goes ye i do but im not tellin u unless u go on a diet u fat cunt n i was a bit ashamed n thought she was a bit rude so i go home n start rethinkin me life n i went for the fridge n go no drubert dont do it n dropped the donairs i was pickin up n go rite time 4 a change laa time 4 a change so i go to sleep n i wake up n go to the gym n jus get on the rowin machine n start rowin not rowin as in arguin roffle but propa pullin the thing back n it took abt 5 mins before i was bare on tired so i fked it off n went to the lounge n bought a bacon sandwich n was like fk rowing then all of a sudden the fat woman came in n she seen me n i was redy for confrontation i am not afrade of anything which is y they call me iron bollocks drubert so she comes at me n i jus kick her but me leg gets stuck in her fat n she swings me rond n im on the floor n she jumps on me n i fkin suffocated didnt i the fat shite so i ended up in hospital which is the las place i wanted 2 b as me cuzin roderick works there and he is a fucking A__SHOLE n he comes up n goes haha gettin into trouble i see n i go ur face will get into trouble if ur not careufl u little wanker n e didnt look pleased but e jus decided to b the bigger man n walk away n i got dealt with didnt i so ater tht i go to a shop n buy some nw sandals n i called my cousin roderick n go hey roderick do u fancy nippin down the beach n e goes ye n we met up by the record store which is where i bought me first cd it was a mr men cd i was only little n we walk onto the beach n start checkin out the fit girlz which is wot we came for in the 1st place ruffle n we take our tops off n roderick had much better six pak abs than me unfortunally i only had a 5 pak and i got a bit jealous so i took my trunks off to reveal me big Donald "Dangerous" Dangler n a police saw me so am like bludy hell i gotta do 1 so i ran off as fast as i could but i ad not adapted to me new sandals yet n therefore i tripped over n e cuahgt me n goes ur nicked son so i end up in jail n they slip me thru a nutri grain bar as i ad not ad any dinner that day n me mum comes n sees wot a st8 i am in n goes o boy uve gone and done it again avent u uve rely gone and done it now all i cud do was look down as i was ashamed in meself n so was me mum evidently but i got taken home n decided it was time to turn over a new leaf n be a more sensible boy so neext day i go 2 marks n spencers n buy the best lfipin suit i cud find and the suit was 2 become my new original character trait as i do not have much of a personality and need somethin a bit wacky n zany to make me seem like an interestin person so a suit it was n me mate selina told me women find men in a suit sexy so result i went out in me suit n ladies heads kept turnin i thought it was becuz i looked sexy but i was soon to realize it was becuz me suit was on backwards n i felt like such a waly i ran home locked meself in me room n cried 4 hours on end i also listened to some The cure as they help me wen i am feeling down i dont remember the songs i listend 2 but they had good melodies which is my favourit thing about them n after a long hard cry i had 2 feed me pet lizards but unfrotunatly they ad deid so i took them out 2 the garden n buried nthem n held a little ceremony with my doll Harajuku Barbie and my GI JOE action figureine where i sed rest in hollywood larry the lizard and lisa the lizard u were the best my respect ye cmon after tht i ws feelin down so i went 2 a bar downtown were i could dance the nite away i mingled with the folk n became a bit intoxicated a bit naugty i know but i was avin a bad day n i jus let me feet take control from there on in n i met the woman of my dreams er name was Caroline which reminded me a bit of Childline but i did not let it bother me 2 muc hshe was beautiful with ag reat figure and nice hair as the nite went on we got more n morei ntimate n she invited me back 4 coffee i am a man that luvs my coffee i can not go a morning withotu it and although i am not keen on it at nighttime i decided i wud take up her offer n go back to hers n we got there n she goes ok let me get the coffee n comes back n jus a bit of skimpy cloving rly n i wasl ike o haha i catch ur drift so i got naked on the spot but i was shakin more than Patrick Scarola the time he had cybersex with his tnegaged girlfriend n the nerves were makin me Donovan Dangler rather small so i was a bit embarrased but nonehteless i was redy for action n then Caroline goes i av somethin 2 put in u n she takes er pants down n fuck me she had the biggest twizzler i ad ever seen then it took a fewminutes to sink in its a bludy tranvestite ent it! i was ferin for my life man i started to run off but he/she grabbed me n goes ur not goin anywhere sexy from then on i jus ad to accept me fate cuz e was stronger than me i wudnt say it was rape becuz i did not mind me insides bein tickled by im but rly i wasnt sure if i liked it or not anyway i woke up in the mornin feelin like p diddy if p diddy was a young scrawny white boy with a stretched out rectum i put me cloves on n started to walk home as i was walkin home i started to quite enjoy the walk n started doin a few cheeky body pop jigs n started singin the arthur theme tune to myself wot a wonderful kinder day
(Sun 7th Aug 2011, 19:09, More)

» Exposed!

Exposed A High School Bully For The Coward He Is!
As some of you may know I work in a store and for all it's worth, it's worth it.

Today I was working the tills when suddenly a silhouetted figure approached the door, and as much as I squinted, I couldn't quite make out who the man of mystery was. It was like a scene from a western as the elusive figure tipped his baseball cap forward and tucked his thumbs in his belt as he approached the till.

"Well I'll be." I thought to myself. I looked him up and down and realised it was none other than notorious high school bully, Big Bad Bertie "The Bloke" Bensinger IV. He had given me absolute HELL through my high school years, partaking in such acts as calling my mum a 'strawberry milkshake', hanging kitchen utensils off my nose and tying my shoelaces together when they were out of my peripheral vision so when I began to walk, I'd make a muddle of it and trip over myself.

I decided to keep my cool, and as he told me what he wanted I quickly fetched it for him and gave him the price. "That's 57p, please." I said, with a cold, collected stare plastered across my face. He smirked as he handed over £1. I could tell what the barstool was thinking. He thinks he's got me again. Well not this time. This time, things were gonna be different.

As I rang in his transaction, I went to get his change, and he watched my fingers closely as they slowly skimmed past the 20ps, glided over the 10ps and zoomed past the 5ps. The look on his face turned into one of absolute horror as my fingers gently slipped past the 2ps. The revenge train had reached its last stop. The 1 pennies.

He looked awkward and fidgety as I scooped up his change entirely in 1ps and handed it to him. "There you go sir. Have a nice day." I said, winking. He knew it was over. He may have won the battle, but 5 years later I had won the war. He scurried out the store, zipping up his dodgy tracksuit as much as possible and hanging his cap over his face to hide his shame, and as he did the rest of the customers turned to him, raised their fists in the air and started chanting "YOU GOT SERVED! YOU GOT SERVED!"

Another moment of victory for The Sternemeister. I flexed my muscle to the rest of the customers before carrying on with my job. I sure showed him, I did!
(Thu 8th Aug 2013, 18:13, More)

» Crap Gadgets

My Fleshlight Review
Aunty Vera got me this handy little gadget for my birthday, and I've got to say I've enjoyed it very much so far. It tickles my dickle in just the right way and makes me spunk more than Gary Glitter in a nursery. However, there's definitely room for improvement and these are some of the ideas I've come up with to improve the fleshlight.

1. Speech
There's nothing I love more than a bit of dirty talk! Unfortunately when I'm using my fleshlight I usually have to just talk to myself in a feminine voice, and sometimes when my voice cracks it turns me off abiv. A cheeky speech box added in would be spectacular, with options for different voices like with Sat Navs you get Mr T voice and shit.

2. An integrated penis measurerer
Ever been in that situation when your online camsex buddy asks you how big your willy is and you don't know cuz you haven't measured in so long, so you scour your bedroom for a tape measure or ruler but can't find a thing? Well that can be a thing of the past! Just press a button which makes an inner platform pop up from the bottom, and you push it down with your willy and the speech box tells you how big you are.

3. Theft Security- Penis Fly Trap
With dick recognition technology, whenever someone elses dick other than the owners enters the fleshlight spikes from the side poke out and well and truly mutilate the thief's John Thomas. Bit harsh like but they deserve it the fucking thief. Also great for a prank on a friend!
(Fri 30th Sep 2011, 15:15, More)

» Performance

Performance Anxiety
Anyone who's been in an enclosed social situation with me for more than a few minutes will know that if there's one thing I can *NOT* stand, it's people who don't have a good grasp of spelling, grammar and punctuation. It's not hard to pick up, we've all been taught about it in School and if you haven't wrapped your head around it now well, you might as well just top yourself. You ruddy idiot.

One time, a year ago, I was playing golf with the East Street Boys and my chum Larson made a grammatical error that I just couldn't forgive.
"Come on then, whos next?" He said.
"I beg your pardon Larson, but how did you spell that in your head?" I asked. Larson looked at me for a couple of seconds, puzzled, then spelled it out.
"C-o-m-e o-n t-h-e-n w-h-o-s n-e-x-t", he said, letter by letter.
"But what about the punctuation?" I asked. "How did you punctuate that sentence in your head?" Larson was beginning to become rather annoyed with me, but he answered.
"I had a comma next to 'then', a capital letter at the beginning, and a full stop at the end." I tried to keep a straight face, but it was too much.
"So you mean to tell me you didn't have an apostrophe in 'whos'?" I chortled.
"No?" Replied Larson, absolutely bewildered by this point. I burst into tears of uncontrollable laughter.
"Larson, you fucking cretin!" I cried. "You're meant to put an apostrophe before the 's' if you're saying 'who is', ya yo-yo!" Larson stumbled back and gasped.
"I... I didn't realize." He sighed.
"Of course you didn't, you ruddy fool!" I shouted. "Do you know how fucking stupid that is? To forget where to put an apostrophe?"
"Calm down Wilson," he responded, "I was speaking, not writing a flipping essay."
"Oh, so it's okay to forget how to use correct punctuation as long as you're not writing an essay?" I asked, as I walked closer to Larson, looming over him.
"P... Please Wilson... I just forgot." He sobbed.
"Oh you forgot, did you? A second ago you said you didn't realize. So which one is it Larson?" I challenged him, as I held my golf club over his head.
"I... I... Stop it!" He wailed, tears rolling down his rosy red cheeks. If there was one thing I admired about Larson, it was his rosy red cheeks. They reminded me of the tomatoes you get in Sainsburys, the top notch ones, the ones that have only just been stocked. However, it wasn't enough for me to forgive his error.
"Wrong answer, Larson." I said menacingly, before clobbering his skull with the tip of my 5-iron.

I felt good about lambasting Larson. I may have been a bit harsh on him, but using punctuation correctly isn't that hard, is it? I mean... I certainly don't think so, and I don't think you do either. I'm not trying to put words in your mouth, I just think if you disagreed with me, you would've said something by now, and you've been as quiet as a child hoping for survival in a rabid pedophile's lair.

That night I conjured up the best Duck foie gras I had made in years, and I enjoyed every last little nibble of it. Later that night my urine seemed a little off. It came out of my external urethral orifice at the same angle as it always does, and the texture of it didn't seem abnormal either. The thing that got me was the smell. It didn't smell as it usually smells. I found it hard not to blame the foie gras, but I had a feeling it was something different.
"Is this the smell of victory?" I asked my Angelina Ballerina toilet roll cover. Of course, I wasn't expecting a response, but I felt that if it did happen to be a living organism it'd be nice not to ignore it after I had pulled my William Hill out of it a plethora of times over the past few years. It didn't respond.

Life was good, and so was I. However, things were about to change.

Fast forward two weeks and at 7.00 AM I was peeling off my Thomas the Tank Engine one piece pyjamas and putting on my Willy Mason World Tour t-shirt, followed by my Tuesday boxers (it was actually Thursday, but I couldn't find my Thursday boxers and my Tuesday boxers looked virtually the same) and my three-quarter length trousers. I looked at my outfit in the mirror and I looked hot as hell. I headed off for my shift down at the local Big Bertha's Butcher Shop.

The day went on and I was cutting meat like nobody's business. My customers were all thoroughly satisfied with the service and I had a feeling that nothing could go wrong. That was until Larson walked in.
"Ah, Wilson!" He saluted me as he walked in the shop. I thought I had done some damage to Larson the other week, but I had to say the bandages round his head complimented his rosy red cheeks poetically, and as much as I hate to admit it, he looked even sexier than I did.
"Hello Larson, what would you like?" I asked, trying to keep the quality of my service in absolute pristine condition.
"I'll just have one Cumberland sausage, Wilson." He replied. I picked up a Cumberland sausage, wrapped it up in paper, jotted the order down on it in pencil and passed it to Larson.
"Here's your Cumberland sausage. That'll cost you £4.50." I mumbled. He passed me a 5 pound note and I passed him his change. He headed for the door but just before leaving he swivelled round on his ankle to face me, and with a smug expression on his face he said, "By the way, you misspelled 'sausage'." I laughed, and retorted "Nonsense." But the smug grin on Larson's face remained, and he walked over and passed me his package. I looked down to see what I had written, and I couldn't believe it. 'Cumberland sausige'. I passed it back to Larson. "Well, we all make mistakes." I chuckled. "Of course." He replied, before walking out of the store.

I tried not to think about it, but the more I tried to repress it the harder it struck me. I could barely breathe, and was beginning to feel sick. I looked around the store and saw one man surveying the variety of meat on display, covering his mouth.
"What on earth are you laughing at?" I bellowed. He removed his hand from his mouth to reveal an expression of bewilderment.
"Nothing." He responded, timidly. I was feeling faint. I had to get out of there. I took off my apron and headed straight out of the door and to my house, and that's where I've been since.

I couldn't bear to go out in public after what I did. I was disgusted with myself. I got fired from Big Bertha's Butcher Shop, which is a crying shame because I liked that job a lot more than my previous job at Woolworths. I couldn't face my friends. I couldn't face myself in the mirror, not even for a wank. Since then my use of spelling, grammar and punctuation has only depleted.

I'd give anything to go back to that day and correct my mistake, but I can't, and I'll be stuck here for the rest of my life.

Thanks for reading. Now fuck off.
(Sat 20th Aug 2011, 20:55, More)

» Addicted

Hello, my name is Donny and I'd like to share. Yeah, it's my life.

It all started when i first joined high school. I wasn't all that and a bag of chips, I was fat and reportedly "rather goofy". I strolled in on the first day not knowing anyone. I thought my charisma and the fact my dad worked at Hasbro would help out. Apparently not.

On the first day I was called a lot of nasty names. I won't say them, but they weren't nice. I had a lot of threats also. All this, just for being fat. Yeah, it's crazy, right? That night I went back home. My mother said "Did you make a lot of friends?", I gulped and said, "Yes". I rushed up to my room and went on the internet.

The internet was something I had never used much previously. But now I somehow had the urge to talk to other people I didn't know, those who had the same sort of torment as me. I found a bully victim forum. There were a lot of characters there. "PiEJeSu", "Lil_G" and this is where I made my first hacking friend, "T0rM3Nt". We hit it off in my introduction thread, and it wasn't long before we were talking on msn.

His name was John. Such a simple name, such a complex background. John told me he was bullied aswell. The "stupid jocks" often stole his lunch money and stuffed his head in lockers. The reason? He had glasses. Absoloutely disgraceful, I know. He was a year older than me, and started getting bullied at the dawn of high school. Just like me, I know. He told me he picked up hacking a few months in and ever since then, things have never been the same.

We got into a detailed discussion about computer hacking. Injecting data, draining info, social engineering, everything used to get in to some form of website account. He sold it so well, and I just had to try it for myself. I told John, "I want to do it.", "Tonight?" was his reply. "Yes", I said.

I had creamy chicken and corn soup for my dinner that night. Straight after, I ran back upstairs. John was online, of course. He asked, "Are you ready?". "Of course I am", I replied. Although I was incredibly nervous. He gave me the tools and told me how to use them. We found a site together, a simple fansite for Angelina Jolie. I took a look at the site. It was absoloutely jawdropping, all the information and pictures this person had collected on her.

John said "Go on". I told him my thoughts. He started talking about how this boy was merely lusting his carnal desires, and how the length he had gone to for one person he's never even met was obsessive. I still couldn't get in the right mindset, but I didn't want to let down John. I shut my eyes, and injected the data. That first injection, the rush, it was absoloutely amazing. I could see why John was so into it. All the capers in my life just went away with one simple injection. This is the most memorable moment of my whole life, the turning point.

From that day forward things changed in a big way. I started hanging around in the computer lab every lunchtime at school. I made no friends, only enemies. Whenever someone called me a name or hit me, I thought they won't find it so funny when I hack them. Every lunchtime I would hack their MySpaces, Bebos, Habbos, whatever I could. I had set up phishers, keylogging sites and spent every waking hour researching more security and hacking information. Of course, I didn't let any of my victims know who I was. I used the hacking alias FireD0nkey. Stupid name, I know.

I had met many more hacker friends also. I was a big name in the game. Every hacker I met was like a new friend. Until one person I met, Sam.

I won't mention Sam's hacking alias, as I know if he sees this he can do great damage to me and my family. We talked, and we hit it off well. But somehow I thought we weren't really friends. One day, he started talking to me about hacking schools. I was intrigued. He told me all about past hacked school networks etc. I said "Awesome!". He replied "So when are you going to hack yours?". I was shocked. I told him I didn't want to get in trouble and he called me a n00b. Ah, n00b, they were the harshest words to an aspiring hacker. I remember how it hurt me greatly deep down, so I said "Ok. I'll hack my school. I'm no n00b anymore".

The next day. I had set everything up. I got my school uniform on. I put my USB with all the devices in my shirt pocket. As I tied the laces of my Hi-Tec trainers, I looked in the mirror. "I'm ready", I proclaimed. My mom was shouting at me to get up. I ran downstairs and got a Nutri-Grain breakfast bar. My mom said "You're surprisingly eager to get to school". I just smiled and said "Got to rush".

On the bus to school I looked out the window. I imagined seeing computers, binary, all sorts of exciting things. As I got deeper and deeper in thought the bus driver said "It's time to get off!". I jumped and looked round, everyone had already got off. "S-S-Sorry", I stuttered. And walked off the bus.

I suffered more bullying that day. Pencils thrown at me, wedgies, the usual name calling. I just said to myself "I'll have the last laugh". That lunchtime I went straight to the computer lab. I bumped into my Sports coach on the way. He started talking about how my effort was below par. I was clearly uninterested. He said "Hey! If you aren't going to listen you're not worth my time". "Ok, thanks", I replied cheekily and brushed past him.

I got to the computer lab and logged in. It seemed like the longest log in process ever. And when the desktop was finally up, I felt a surge of adrenaline. I shoved my USB stick in, ran some programs and ultimately hacked the network. I did a lot of messing around, before finally deleting all files and shutting down the server. I quickly logged off, pulled the USB stick out and ran down to my next lesson, Biology. My teacher, Ms Flannigan was outside. She said "You're here early, Don". I said "Yes".

As the lesson started, a teacher walked in and said "Is Donny Worther in here?". Everyone looked at me. I could feel myself turning as red as a tomato. "Yes, do you need him?", said Ms Flannigan. "The principal wishes to see him", he replied. The class broke out in to a chant of "Ooooh" with a background of "What's nerdy boy done" and "Donny you big bad wolf!". I stood up and walked over to the door. I was nervous and I was shaking. I tripped over someones bag. The whole class laughed. I was embarrassed. I quickly got back up and went straight to the principal's office.

I knocked on the door. The principal instantly opened the door and said "Come in", in his trademark stern voice. I came in and gingerly sat down. "Donny... What can I say? This is so out of character for you", I looked at him, tears in my eyes and said, "What do you mean". The next words made me feel like a n00b again. "Donny, if you're going to hack our network, at least make sure you don't use your own account. Conversation over. I'm calling your mother to pick you up". I didn't bother trying to lie. I looked down and tried to hold my tears back. I couldn't even look at the principal.

As he got my mom in he told her what had happened. I didn't even listen. I just thought about the consequences. I had a flashback to when I first injected. I wish I could go back. My mom drove me home. She didn't look at me or say a word to me, I was glad. If she never spoke to me again I would be happy. We got in the house and I started walking up the stairs, ready to do a bit of hacking when my mom said, "Donny, why?". I replied "Don't know". "There must be a reason?" she said. "Don't know", I replied. She burst in to tears "Donny, if you don't tell me why you have done such a thing how can I help?". I just walked up to my room guiltily.

As it happened, a boy had thrown Coca Cola on me earlier that day. I was smelly and sticky. I figured I should have a shower. I usually don't shower, I'm usually too busy hacking. But I didn't want to get my set up sticky. I had a shower. When I finished I walked back in my room and over to my computer chair only to realize... My computer had gone.

I ran downstairs and started shouting at my mom, she argued that it must have been the source of the problem and other such things. I knew she was right but of course I wouldn't let her have the last word. I just wanted my computer back. Hacking was the only thing that could balance my emotions. She wasn't giving it up. I ran back to bed and cried myself to sleep.

I wasn't allowed back in school after that. It felt good to have a week off bullying, but without my computer it was fucking boring. I didn't have much to do. I watched TV, I played old board games by myself. I even had the first wank of my life. Big mistake, clear sticky liquid all over the place. I don't understand how people can do it everyday.

The next Monday I woke up and walked downstairs for a bit of breakfast. My mom was there, sipping on a mug of coffee. I walked over to the bread bin and got 2 pieces of bread. My mom suddenly said, "We're moving". I was in shock, "But mom, what about my frien-", "You don't have any friends. You think I haven't noticed?". I looked down. "Tell you what. When we move you'll get your computer back, but no funny business!". I was delighted, but I hid it, "Whatever", I said, although as I slipped out the room I did a wee body pop jig of victory.

After a slow month, I found myself in the back of my mom's car, following a moving truck. I just looked out the window the whole time. I thought about my past and how I'm effectively leaving it behind. No more hacking. No more John. Definitely no more Sam. I would work on being one of the cool kids. That day we moved in, I set up my computer, and went straight on MySpace. I made a nifty profile selling myself as a neat kind of guy. I searched up the high school I would be going to, to see what kind of people went there. There were all kinds of people. I was too shy to add any obviously.

Next week I started my first day at my new school. I strolled in feeling like the business, until I heard "shortstack". Oh gosh, I was already at jeopardy of being bullied again. All those days of hacking with barely any sleep or nutrition had left me a skinny, pale young man. A bit of a skeleton, so to speak. Just as I thought that I heard a girls voice saying, "That kid looks like a fucking skeleton". I glanced round and saw some cute girls laughing at me. I sighed but carried on, trying to ignore them.

The rest of the day was a disaster. I suffered terribly at the hands of bullies. More namecalling, more wedgies, more trouble. I did make a friend though, Robert. I got his MSN aswell. He was tall and skinny and rather pale. Like a tall version of me with glasses. As I got home that night I went straight on MSN and added him. He was online.

"Wow, how are you on so soon after school", I said. "You are as well =]", he replied. We chatted a lot. After a while he brought up hacking. My heart stopped. I wanted to leave hacking behind, but could I? I pretended to know nothing about hacking. Robert talked about how I should try it. It brought me back to when John had said almost the exact same things Robert was saying. And, just as I did with John, I felt I couldn't let Robert down.

That night I hacked another site. An amateur security site. Robert set me up with everything and told me how to use it. I felt like saying "I know how to fucking use them, I'm not a n00b!", but I didn't want him to realize I'm a pro. I thought I could do it a few times to please Robert, just until I found some new friends. I injected the data, and suddenly the rush came back. I knew then, I had fallen into a self destructive cycle.

It's been 8 months, and I've made no new friends. I haven't spoke to John or Sam, but obviously to Robert. Me and Robert hang around in the computer lab a lot. We also play a lot of Counter Strike. I'm still hacking. I know how you feel, buddy, I have the guilt aswell, but I fear it is the only way for me to be happy.

The hacking will destroy me one day, I know that.

Thanks for letting me share.
(Fri 19th Dec 2008, 15:40, More)
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