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» The Credit Crunch

Credit crunch?
Everyone appears to be either slagging of the world at large and taking no responsibility for living off monopoly money (for that's what credit is - it's not yours, it's not owed to you, you signed your soul away borrowing it in the first place, and outside of computers the stuff doesn't even exist...) or revelling in their smug, unaffected lives showing off about having secure jobs, having holidays booked, having the various accutriments of smug naughties living...good for you, whatever floats your boat, and horay for you rubbing it in to those less fortunate, that must make up for all those times you were bullied at school right?

As for us - Superdad was made redundant a week before Christmas and told that he wouldn't be getting his last two months commission because the company was in dire straights and couldn't afford it. I was sacked a month before that for being pregnant. Shiny.

So we sat down, worked out what we had and made a plan.

He starts a new job next month on twice the money he had before. That's handy. I've done some freelance so I've a bit tucked away. That's handy. You see we didn't just whinge that we were being shat on - we did something about it. Funny how that works out.

This weekend we're moving out of the docklands penthouse - walking away from the private gym, the pool and the view of Canary Wharf out one windown, Greenwich out the other - because it's just gloss - this isn't what makes us sucessful.

We've replaced it with, at half the cost, a grade II listed building in Cornwall with acres of land on which I'm going to be keeping chickens and goats and growing veg. I'm going to 'retire' from my city job and whilst Superdad is working I'm going to make us self sufficient, in true Laura Ashley twee 'the good life' manner and bring our kids up to be elf sufficient, and with the ethos I was brought up with; the world owes you nothing sunshine.

We could do what everyone else is doing and sit in our now too expensive apartment with our sky plus and our busy social life and our two new cars and complain that we've been done guv - but who the hell are you helping doing that?

Living the dream.

Good luck to those of you who still think all that shit matters, and that anyone's impressed. I'll give you a nod from my idyll, out of debt and out of pressure.
(Sat 24th Jan 2009, 13:02, More)