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» Worst Band Ever

Scouting For Girls
I nearly vomited the first time I heard "She's So Loverley". It is the most generic anti-pop song of the last few years being played by a bunch of boys in t-shirts and blazers. If they genuinely wrote all of those songs then I am amazed that anyone could be satisfied with themself at writing such inane drivel. For fucks sake, McFly and Busted write deeper songs than that!

Anger makes me forget how to write a coherent paragraph, and in about 3 hours time I'll come up with some killer witty stuff to say about them. Ho hum.
(Tue 4th Jan 2011, 14:46, More)

» Waste of money

UK Hot Tubs
My Dad got my Mum a hot tub from the company UK Hot Tubs earlier this year as an anniversary present. We waited more than 6 months for it to come, redid a portion of the patio for it to go on when it got here, had lots of tradesmen waiting to connect the plumbing, electrics, final pieces of floorlaying.

It turns out that UK Hot Tubs has a habit of taking the various thousands of pounds that people pay them and effectively running off with it. Whenever we phoned them to ask when it was coming they fobbed us off with a reply like "it's waiting to be shipped from country x".

Then recently we discover that they are being investigated by Watchdog for definite, possibly by another party as well. UK Hot Tubs has received complaints from the vast vast majority of its "customers" about the distinct lack of a hot tub, and Watchdog got wind of it.

As long as Jeremy Vine's on the case...
(Tue 5th Oct 2010, 11:19, More)

» Famous people I hate

Big Brothel
For the first couple of series Big Brother was passable, nothing to write home about though. Quite early on, people twigged that the BB machine was a quick fix for becoming a so-called "celebrity". It became a parody of itself when Channel 4 started fucking with the housemates in more wierd and wonderful ways, hiring old housemates as expert analysts, choosing the housemates based on a rudimentary quota system (expect a blonde girly girl, a lesbian/gay, a thicko, a wannabe celeb or two, an alpha male and a bitch), and worst of all having ex-housemates on Celebrity Big Brother!

The last one here grinds my gears the most. Since it became a parody of itself people have been applying just to become celebrities and everything that goes with it, and Channel 4 suddenly realised that Jade Fucking Goody was celebrity enough to go on the celeb version! Not only her, but her mum as well!

I have to stop now or I'll choke on all this bile.
(Sun 7th Feb 2010, 20:29, More)

» I don't understand the attraction

I nearly forgot
R'n'B music should be re-titled because if it arguably has rhythm it definitely has no blues. People tend to forget what the letters R and B stand for, and rhythm and blues was a completely different genre of music back in t'day and has completely lost its roots.
(Wed 21st Oct 2009, 0:04, More)

» Random Acts of Kindness

Fresher's week, Birmingham, 2005
I went out on a scheduled fresher's night out and got really really drunk. By the time I was in a taxi I discovered I'd run out of money so steered the driver to a cashpoint in Harborne (I've worked out since that it must have been there) and between throwing up at the cashpoint (and in the taxi), a mystery man helped me into the taxi and stayed in the taxi with me back to my halls of residence. Apart from photo evidence of my flatmates drawing on me in permanent marker, this is the only memory of the night I have. Thank you kind sir, thank you.
(Sun 12th Feb 2012, 23:33, More)
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