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» School Days

Then there was the time...
...when I was vision mixer for our Year 13 prizegiving, which was a flash way of saying I decided whether camera 1 or camera 2 were on the projector screen at any given time.

The guy in charge of sound was a friend of mine and I convinced him to play the Imperial Death March from Star Wars when our principal was walking onto the stage for his attempt at an inspirational speech. The teacher in charge of us got a bit of a bollocking for letting us do it, but later he told me it was totally worth it. The best part is that it did undermine his speech as the audience never quite got over that initial gigglefit.
(Sun 1st Feb 2009, 11:59, More)

» IT Support

A few years back I spent a year doing a film-making course at the local community college (Hagley if you're in Christchurch too). It was actually pretty cool; basically a year of dicking around with cameras. The course was split into three classes, one of which was Editing.

Editing class was in the spanking new computer room that was equipped with about 20 G4s (flash for the time, and we had unlimited internet access, which was unheard of then) with Final Cut Pro installed for our usage. If you haven't used Final Cut, the way it works is that you take your digital 8 camera footage, transfer it to the computer, then dick around with it until you're done. Andrew, the teacher, constantly advised us to keep backups and to always put whatever footage we'd edited back onto the camera at the end of a class so that we wouldn't get caught short if something happened to the computer.

NOW, Andrew was pretty tight with Paul, the IT guy. Hardly surprising since they were both mellow, fun dudes and very easy to get on with. Everyone in the class liked them, except for Jamal, this thick, annoying arsehole who was filming himself and his buddies skateboarding for his big end of year project. He was constantly disruptive, but the final straw came for Andrew when this exchange happened in front of the class after Andrew had been absent for a week:

Andrew: Sorry I was away everyone, my partner just had our third child.
Class: Awww/Congrats etc.
Andrew: Thanks everyone. His name's George is you're wondering.
Andrew/Class: ...

As well as being a damn stupid thing to say, it was also a pretty insulting thing to say to a guy who never presented any problems for anybody.

Fast forward to the next Monday, when Andrew has some bad news for the class:
"I'm really sorry to the people who use this computer (points at Jamal's G4 - note: the editing class was split into two and we shared machines), but I'm afraid there was a server crash over the weekend and everything on this computer was wiped."
Jamal: "So I've lost all my footage?"
Andrew: Yeah, but don't worry, you made back-ups, right?"
Jamal: ...

Stupid Jamal had to restart his "documentary" from scratch.

I could never prove it, but to this day I'm convinced that the "server crash" was more of a deliberate sabotage by Paul. PWNED BITCH. Still makes me laugh when I think of it - I fucking hated that guy.

/apologies for length
(Tue 29th Sep 2009, 2:10, More)

» Caught!

Air Guitar
I'm sure all of us at some point or another have been happily flailing away on nothing to Immigrant Song only to turn around and see your bemused significant other in the doorway. Worse than being caught wanking I reckon.
(Thu 3rd Jun 2010, 21:52, More)

» Worst Band Ever

Black Eyed Peas
Few bands set their respective genres back several decades quite like BEP do. Too bad making jokes about them is shooting huge fish in a tiny barrel.
(Thu 30th Dec 2010, 20:56, More)

» I don't understand the attraction

I like real books dammit.
(Wed 21st Oct 2009, 6:05, More)
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