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» Eccentrics

Twisted Balloon Man
I live in Hull and there is this eccentric guy who has been going round town for years by himself (ive seen him for at least 14yrs throughout my drinking career). He has Ken Dodd style hair and wears cords with a bright shirt at all times. He walks into a pub and starts placing uninflated twistable balloons on every table. Then he procedes to go round the tables in his creepy manner blowing them up and making say a sausage dog and then he gives it to you with a "TAAA DAAAAAAAA". Then he moves to the next table and makes someone a balloon hat "TAAAA DAAAAAA". I know hes only being friendly but it freaks me out especially when im under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs. He is probably wearing a tight balloon on his penis. I once got arrested after a fight and when we was waiting for an ambulance the balloon man popped up from no where and decided to try cheering me up by making me a pair of balloon handcuffs. lol. I told him to "FUCK OFF OR I WILL KICK YOUR CUNT IN"
(Tue 4th Nov 2008, 11:56, More)