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Me as Wilf Lunn:

My online computer museum.

2nd birthday bash in London Village

Edinburgh Festival Edinb3ta, Aug '03

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Didn't realise there was a compo going, must read newsletter more.

(Tue 17th Mar 2020, 23:02, More)

sometimes they were nasty
towards their offspring

(Wed 6th Aug 2003, 23:37, More)

right. That's another one flushed from me head

evenin', for a bit.
(Tue 15th Jul 2003, 19:23, More)

it follows
this one quite nicely :)


(Thu 13th Mar 2003, 0:22, More)

This looked like fun
so Hopper joined in

Fortunately they all land safely (if you watch long enough), though the bowl's a goner.
(Tue 4th Feb 2003, 11:25, More)

this took far too long,
inspired by all the pomes and wordplay earlier:

clicketh and thy shall receive hooj
(Mon 3rd Feb 2003, 15:27, More)

Is it 'cos I is captain

(Sat 11th Jan 2003, 19:12, More)

New at the Amazon branch of B&Q:
The Secatoucan, here seen in its natural habitat.

(Thu 5th Dec 2002, 18:40, More)

Not available in the shops for christmas
Sore throat? Not yet
bigness on clicky.
(Wed 13th Nov 2002, 12:27, More)

oo look - yer right!

(Thu 12th Sep 2002, 16:47, More)

Bad Furtive!
yes, quick and dirty but it's time for scran!

(Tue 10th Sep 2002, 20:06, More)

Shite! I've left the bath running!
v.poor reeves
(Sun 8th Sep 2002, 18:31, More)

ok, maybe it wasn't such
a good idea. Still, old memes are good memes.

(Mon 19th Aug 2002, 22:35, More)

(Sat 20th Jul 2002, 23:50, More)

just to get things back to
(what passes roughly as) normality:

(Mon 3rd Jun 2002, 22:56, More)

quick'n'dirty, done
whilst watching the thunderstorm an' eating pizza (non-pickled)

Talking Bollocks
(Sun 2nd Jun 2002, 19:54, More)

Moog Cow
I've had to remove this image as someone was leeching my bandwdith. You >can see it here ...

It's all Rob's fault.
(Thu 30th May 2002, 16:20, More)

I laughed. I know not why.

(Wed 22nd May 2002, 13:17, More)

My own fucksocks toy

(Thu 16th May 2002, 16:17, More)

Oi adam!
Furtive doesn't take kindly to being called evil.

(Thu 9th May 2002, 14:07, More)

Spoon's atari post below reminded me of this
not sure if I've stuck it up here before but I'm sure a lot of us have been there.

Clunk-clicky on pic for bigger one. Woo.
(Fri 3rd May 2002, 15:22, More)

Anyone fancy a pint?

Did that work? I'm hacking my Apache server ATM...

Clicky on it for bigger pic
(Sun 28th Apr 2002, 20:39, More)

'ere's a new one

(Sat 23rd Mar 2002, 18:34, More)

Look out! It's a trap!

Clicky for bigger picture
(Sat 23rd Mar 2002, 18:00, More)

You've got a bigger problem I think

(Fri 15th Mar 2002, 6:38, More)

Latest release

(Tue 12th Mar 2002, 8:19, More)

Buy now!

(Fri 8th Mar 2002, 10:34, More)

New best seller!

(Fri 8th Mar 2002, 9:32, More)

Woo! My first gif anim......
Thought I'd get this in first.

(Thu 14th Feb 2002, 9:14, More)

Furtive special!
Watch the furtive fly

And look! It's v.popular!

(Fri 1st Feb 2002, 10:28, More)

Obvious pun alert

(Fri 25th Jan 2002, 11:27, More)

He's even stealing
Croc hunters:

(Fri 25th Jan 2002, 5:41, More)

It's better all round, this way.

(Fri 18th Jan 2002, 9:51, More)

Aww :)

Had a busy day today so this is all I had time for.....
(Thu 10th Jan 2002, 11:22, More)

The Competition to select.....
the finest scrubber:

(Fri 4th Jan 2002, 9:53, More)

Coming soon!

Sorry Brad, the idea just popped into me head :o)
(Fri 21st Dec 2001, 10:05, More)

Best answers to questions:

» Happy 10th Birthday B3ta

FWIW, the original Furtive Bear pic
is this:

Not the original source, but deffo the original pic.
(Tue 13th Sep 2011, 1:48, More)

» My Collection

Collections eh?

That'd be mine then. Just a small collection without a hint of OCD or, or....or....IT'S SHINY!
(Thu 11th Jan 2007, 23:51, More)

» Worst Record Ever

Anything by
Craig David, purely because he loves himself more than it's humanly possible to, and it's all shite.

Oh, and owt by Missy Elliott, 'cos she's only got the one background track that she uses on all her 'songs', the latest one being a blatant ripoff of 'pass the dutchie' by Moosikal Yoot. Perhaps.
(Tue 2nd Dec 2003, 22:48, More)

» Happy 10th Birthday B3ta

10 years. Really.
'Witchy has been a member for 9 years, 8 months and 23 days and has kept Rob, Cal and Pep in sherbets for most of them'

If it wasn't for this place I'd not have met half my lovely idiotic/mental/touched/special* friends or had so many fantastic drunken nights out. I wouldn't know what 'woo/yay/houpla' meant, who Repcak was, why we were all gay and how 'that is fucking sick you bastard I hope you rot in hell'

I wouldn't know how to fucking hummus either.

Found this place thanks to David Stephenson's 'jada' anim featuring maggie thatch shooting lasers from her eyes, oolong the rabbit, parliament on fire and a swedish kids theme tune. Good times.

Sellotape cacophony nuttage.
(Mon 12th Sep 2011, 11:17, More)

» Irrational Fears

Simple. If I
wake up at 3am then every noise outside is Something Coming To Get Me Or Smash My Car.
(Tue 27th Jan 2004, 19:01, More)
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