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» Tramps

strangest mugging?
I was once walking home late at night in Grimsby, and a man walked past me - in a smartish looking suit, I thought nothing of it at first, until he'd walked past and I heard somebody behind me running.
The same chap who'd just walked past me was now in front of me, waving a knife in my face.
'Give me all your money'
'I dont have any' A likely story, he probably thought.
Thing is, I really didn't - I had no electric in my flat, the meter was in debt from the last tenants, and the landlord had done sweet FA about it - i also had no food whatsoever. I was living on water, while waiting for the dole to get their act together and sort my claim out.
I told him this, and he put his knife away, embarrased and apologetic - he kept shaking my hand.
'sorry mate, sorry mate - i'm in the same circumstance.. im waiting for the dole too - but you've got it worse than i have'
and with that, he dug deep and gave me his change - more than a fiver and walked off!
(Fri 3rd Jul 2009, 17:57, More)

» School Days

website shenanigans
Eagle-eyed readers will know that I posted a shorter version of this on /board last week, if I'd have known what this weeks QOTW was, I'd have sat on it...c'est la vie.

When I was a young lad, I was quite the whizz with computers - and keen too, so keen in fact, that our Business Studies/IT teacher used to lock me in the computer room during her dinner break - and me being completely trustworthy, she used to leave 'Admin2' logged in while she went.
One day, I went behind her desk and gave myself administrator rights, and spent the dinner hour discretely distributing them to my mates, right under her nose - while she played Solitaire.
It was great fun, I managed to bring a chat program in, discovered Winpopup and everybody elses document folders!

We really took the biscuit when a friend of mine found a floppy disk in an unlocked drawer, and brought it round to my house after school - we had a look at it, and it was the newly launched school websites FTP details!
We downloaded everything from their page, and made a cloned version
What we didnt know is that the Headmasters bosses were all looking at the page around the time we put it on - cue him storming into my GCSE English exam with steaming at the ears with a bright red face and glaring at me, realising there was nothing he could do, and stormed out in a huff.

Apparantly, he didn't like the photo we used of him.
A couple of days later, I got a call from him, asking to design their official page for them.

Length: About 4 years, until I got 2 police on my doorstep telling me to take it down, or else the new headmistress will take me to court over it.
(Mon 2nd Feb 2009, 16:59, More)

» Brain Fade

I work in a callcenter
and rang a customer back, reached their answerphone - and instinctively left a voicemail beginning
"Hello, you're through to Dave. How can I help you?"
(Fri 22nd Mar 2013, 0:21, More)

» Bad Management

My local libraries firewall
blocks b3ta as 'Inappropriate Content' but allows access to 4chan
(Tue 15th Jun 2010, 16:42, More)

» Guilty Laughs

Washing my hands in a preicicnt precinct mall toilets, I saw was some guy drop his iPhone in the urinal, and my first thought was:
Need help aiming your piss? There's an app for that!
I stood next to him at the sink and watched him wash it with liquid soap and water, was hard not to laugh or say anything, it had to be an iPhone didn't it? How hard is it to put your phone in your pocket for a minute while you take a leak?
(Sat 24th Jul 2010, 22:01, More)
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