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Should you wish to contact / stalk / groom me, my email address is my username @gmail.com.

v0.01 - Considering a move to Memphis
v0.02 - I am Damo Suzuki
v0.03 - I saw an x-ray of a girl passing gas
v0.04 - Nathan B(3t)arley
v0.05 - are "descriptions" the new "tags" ?
v0.06 - pancreas, you're my favourite organ
v0.07 - married, 2.4 credit cards
v0.08 - old, free and single
v0.09 - ihatemywife
v0.10 - right wing pigeons, from outer space
v0.11 - TAGS ! it's just not the same anymore...
v0.12 - I'm in a glass case of emotion
v0.13 - learning to love the 'ignore' button
v0.14 - pogonotrophic, and proud
v0.15 - your opinions still aren't the truth
v0.16 - blue peter, tortoise killer
v0.17 - The Sins of Freck
v0.18 - revenge is a dish best served with chips
v0.19 - Derby Bash 14th Oct - it'll be my first !
v0.20 - chillwell nr. beestoned
v0.21 - all men wank in the shower
v0.22 - derby, maybe the biggest bash in the world
v0.23 - gave blood in 4m26sec
v0.24 - masterb3ta
v0.25 - radishes, and arsepiss
v0.26 - lager and red wine cured my cold\
v0.27 - booze: it's gods wee wee
v0.28 - on holiday in San Diego...
v0.29 - Clumsy Ninja
v0.30 - Jack the Suggler
v0.31 - Sacrificing neonatal mice since
v0.32 - Pablo Bodente !
v0.33 - something, but not sure what...
v0.34 - butthole surfer
v0.35 - do YOU jitsu ?
v0.36 - too scared for gay porn ? 0898 21 21 21
v0.37 - fisting himself off to french café music
v0.38 - talking to peachy peach about kissy kiss
v0.39 - wishes to complain, most strongly
v0.41 - empty heads, 30p

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sweeping racial stereotype ahoy

the joke was actually made by a muslim woman where I work
(Tue 2nd Nov 2004, 11:24, More)

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» Thrown away: The stuff you loved and lost.

it wasn't thrown away
by anyone - nor was it worth millions...

i am a hoarder - things that i think may be useful to me, i keep.

sometimes i think these things don't make much sense, but i think i'll probably be able to use them (whether for their intended purpose, or shoe-horned into some other form) someday.

over the years i have (reluctantly; due to moving, space reasons, etc.) had clear outs and thrown things away, only to discover (not normally immediately afterwards, but at some point) that i could really use that thing i threw out.

i think i have to learn to live with it, and just assign more space for "stuff"; what the fuck is a "spare room" ? i'm not that rich, so i'll put it to use (in this case, for "stuff").
(Sat 16th Aug 2008, 17:03, More)