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» The Boss

One of my ex-bosses was a pathetic and clueless specimen. As he didn't have any friends in the real world he'd employ some absolute numpties and then try to befriend them - the desperate, sycophantic prick that he was. This obviously resulted in the usual fawning/favouritism and fuck all getting done. Oh, and although he hated children, he was obsessed with owning Disney collectables. He even had a front lawn in the shape of Mickey Mouse's head (I shit you not) and had cabinets in his house stuffed with grotesque porcelain Disney tat - much to the hilarity and suspicion of the staff I might add. He was also corrupt and ran his own eBay business during office hours, claiming he had Head Office approval. He'd bring in sacks and sacks of parcels to put through the company post and then have his staff drag them to the loading bay! Come Christmas, with his ill-gotten gains, he'd shop 'till he dropped and return to the office with hundreds if not thousands of pounds worth of gifts for his wife. Sad bastard.

I left and needless to say, Head Office closed the branch down a little while later.
(Fri 19th Jun 2009, 10:22, More)