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» Tramps

Tramp Punks
Well, in reaction to Michael jackson's 'designer punk' rubbish back in the day, loads of Londons Punks got a bit grubby in a kind of you-cant-fake-that-mofo way...so.... we were looking really vile, viler than usual, and infesting a London Underground tube train like you do. Obviously all the other passengers were suitably terrified at the sheer state of us, aware of all the horror stories etc... All except, one kind elderly Indian gentlemam, he was so upset at our unkempt and obviously penniless state, worried for our well being he actually had the balls to speak to us. Now, in 2009 this sounds a bit wierd, but in the early 80's it really was a step into the unknown that almost nobody made, the Noughties equivalent of hassling gangs of hoodies in dark alleys..... So, the gentleman asked us 'are you OK ? do you need money ? do the government give you nothing ?' ... it was really very kind, so we were nice to him, but aware we had the whole carriage listening, utterly transfixed....

What to do ? Well, we were on our way to do a big LSD deal, so had large wads of cash in our pockets, understanding each other, we just pulled out thousands of pounds in wads from our ripped to death jeans, waved it at him and said 'no thanks my friend, we are fine'

I swear everybody in the carriage still talks today about the Fat Wallet Tramp Punks.

length ? more of a problem than a blessing.
(Sat 4th Jul 2009, 22:01, More)

» Ignorance

una grande cola por favor
Mucho amusement here in Espana teaching all non Spanish speakers, including English expats here for 8+ years, that the term "Coca Cola" is very rude and you must always make sure you ask for "Una grande cola por favor"
(Fri 31st Aug 2012, 12:12, More)