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First Class Idiot
I once worked on the phones for Royal Mail customer complaints department.

One grumpy old man called up to complain about an over-flowing post-box he was standing next to on St. Alban's high street. He ranted for three minutes, getting increasingly nasty.. So.. Hungry for lunch, I told the man about 'our procedure for these situations'...

I told him that I would alert the delivery office and get a van dispatched to collect the mail within the next 20 minutes. I then kindly asked for his assistance in ensuring that the mail remained safe by reaching inside the box and removing as much mail as he could, then placing it out of sight - such as in a coat pocket or in a bag, and waiting for the delivery van to come and collect it.

Eager to help play his part in putting the world back to rights, the man confirmed he would do as I had instructed, thanked me for my professionalism and hung up.

I then picked up the phone and did my civic duty by alerting the police to a suspicious looking man lurking around St. Alban's high-street removing mail from a postbox.

Then I went to lunch.
(Fri 4th Sep 2009, 18:26, More)