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» I'm going to Hell...

Baby P
This QOTW is so tempting, i actually had to register an account after just lurking for years.

The most recent reason for my trip to hell, is only short.
My friends have recently moved into a new house, and we were off to the shops to get food for a sunday roast. On the way home see a sign "please take" and a giant beanbag.
"You are having that" says I, grabbing and bringing it to their home.
On the way we discuss why it was discarded, the obvious answer was "it's full of dead babies, they put them in there so they can abuse them easily and have a comfy seat. Poor Baby P"

...And so now the beanbag has been named Baby P.
Baby P brings us all much joy, as we settle down and get cosy on him to watch tv or play computer games. Unfortunately he has taken a bit of a beating and does leak a bit, so baby P has been spread all around the living room floor.

that'll do me for another couple of years
(Tue 16th Dec 2008, 14:50, More)