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» School Projects

not mine but his guy i knew
The best one I remember was Cairns and his nuclear amp, he built a guitar amp and the science teachers wouldn't let him switch it on, he had built it in electronics in an after school class, the teachers deemed so dangerous that he wasn't allowed to switch it on. When he brought it home it killed all the fuses in the house.
He was also the one who thought rocketry would be a good 6th year project, and was allowed to work on it till he let one off in the quadrangle and it went in through one of the science windows
(Fri 14th Aug 2009, 16:08, More)

» I'm going to Hell...

When in Rome
I used to travel through Rome airport for work and the place is just full of those dressed in black of the faith.
So as one with a rebellious nature, I decided to wear my favourite tee-shirt of the time, a CRASS one, for those you not into this band, there was a slogan on it "Jesus died for his own sin's not mine".
Personally I think I've condemned all those penguins who read it to Hell, judging by the looks of venom I received on such visits.

Serves them right for stealing everything from other religions then destroying them.
(Tue 16th Dec 2008, 12:05, More)