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» Corruption

Pointful "Fairholme" post.
There's this website, right? & this website has a thread that is solely dedicated to people going there to tell their stories, based upon a (supposedly arbitrary) topic each week.
A few years ago a creepy nobody from another country decided to spawn camp (google it you lazy cunts) in this thread. He sullied all of the regular posts with his inane drivel but he could not take criticism; making out that the any comment other than a compliment was 'bullying' whilst making up shitty, pointless fantasy justifications that even B3tards couldnt even ignore.
He turned all of his threads into a relentless small-minded bullying shit fight, with one-shot "hahahahaha" memes, that got played out ad-nauseum to the point of obsolescence. Yet still he carried on, using account after account, just not getting the message.

The pointless shit-flinging cretin made sure that he tried to be made the victim of the thread whilst threatening to inform posters' bosses of their 'crimes' & despite several bans, would continually whinge & moan to the mods in order to get whichever users he didn't like b&. So at least that's the part of this post that fits in with answering the question. Right?

End of the day? What was once a fairly interesting website has turned into a thread dominated by hundreds upon hundreds of replies to a small-dicked, weak-minded, prissy, wannabe story teller who is a glutton for punishment.
(Thu 10th Jul 2014, 10:41, More)

» Drunk Shopping

Whilst incredibly drunk once I lost a bit of self control.
I spent a fortune on dental products on Ebay.
I then went out and ate a hideous kebab.
I insulted the man serving me with some disgusting language.
The man then punched me in the teeth.
I was then sick.

Long story short, I was too pissed for my own mouth.
(Fri 11th Apr 2014, 11:15, More)

» Celebrations, anniversaries and milestones

I hope Dr Skagra dies in ringofyre

(Tue 30th Sep 2014, 16:28, More)

» Against Your Will

Right, left, right, left, right?
(Thu 31st Jul 2014, 13:19, More)

» Black sheep of the family II

I was going to say that the 'trolls' on this site were like the 'Black sheep' of b3ta...
cos that'd be well lol.
(Mon 24th Feb 2014, 16:21, More)
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