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» Addicted

It Sucks
Sometime between when I was the age of nought and one, my mother got so sick of me crying she stuck my thumb in my mouth.

From that moment there was no turning back, and in my thirties I still suck my thumb privately.

I have never told a soul and no one has ever seen me, not even girlfriends past or present. I simply have to catch time alone to do it, or position myself out of people's view when watchina movie or whatever. But the thought of doing it absent-mindedly in public or at work is mortifying.

To be honest, I've never really tried to stop. It's always there see so what's the point?

I'm surprised that no one else has coughed up to this one. Or is it really just me?
(Tue 23rd Dec 2008, 13:23, More)