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The fantastic Mr Fiend did this for me.

Just a few of my pics. Desperately need to do an update on these.

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Whack the little buggers!!!!

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» Unusual talents

For some reason I have a weird knack at remembering number plates and the associated car.
I only really need to see the car once and next time I see that person I'll know them by their car number plate and make, model and colour of car. I sometimes have to associate someone by their car before I can properly put a name to their face.
I can even remember series' of cars my friends have owned over 20 years.
I'm not sure if this affects my long or short term memory at all, but my memory sucks for anything other than this. Phone numbers, no. Names, no. Faces, no. Useful information, hell no. I find I need to write everything down at work just in case I forget to do anything important.
I've tried stopping doing it but I find it slightly compulsive.
(Fri 19th Nov 2010, 19:34, More)