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will fill this in one day

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AND SO IT SPREADS............

(Tue 9th Aug 2011, 17:57, More)

Too little, too Late :(

(Sat 23rd Jul 2011, 18:09, More)

Mmmm.. left over Darlic bread for breakfast

(Wed 19th Jan 2011, 8:52, More)

Bored of doing Science? - Let Calamity Cat do it for you

(Tue 11th Jan 2011, 11:33, More)

anyone around?....no?....TOAP ATTACK!!!!!

(Thu 11th Jun 2009, 7:37, More)

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» Amazing Projects

cock fairy
I made a beautiful fairy for the top of my xmas tree. All flowing white lace dress, long blonde tresses, and delicate crown and wand.

When you lifted her dress, as everyone is wont to do..it revealed a large, hand carved wooden cock.

The mother in law wasn't best pleased
(Thu 17th Nov 2011, 15:48, More)

» Devastating Put-Downs

Stupid Englishman
after about 30 minutes of an Englishman gallantly fighting a losing battle of wits against a Welshwoman about the relative merits of their countries...

Stupid Englishman - Well then, if Wales is so great, why are you working in England? Why don't you fuck off home?

Welshwoman - No work there in my area :(

SE - Ha ha ha ha, see, Wales is so shit you have to come here to get a job .... *looks smug* .... So what do you do then?

WW- I work with people with learning difficulties!
(Fri 25th Nov 2011, 17:46, More)

» Morning After Souvenirs

rescuing wildlife
woke up to see a full size cardboard cutout of a bison staring at me.

Looked around and there were about fifteen more life size cardboard animals in the room...stags, wolves..even a wildebeeste

I was dressed as a ninja and covered in mud....I had gone out in a nice dress
(Sat 28th Apr 2012, 14:12, More)

» B3ta Villain of the Year 2010

The People of Wooton Bassett
wheel a Tesco trolley down the high street full of Iraqi and Afghani child sized coffins once in a while you smug cunts!
(Mon 27th Dec 2010, 4:56, More)