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18 on 17th June

http://www.bebo.com/29xThePain - check it out. Also on Facebook somewhere

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» The Boss

Retail fun-ness
I work in a retail clothing store, with 3 Letters as their name.. let's call them You Ess See...

Anyway, I have 5 managers:
Anne - the stockroom bitch. This mental shouted at me for saying "fuck" in the stockroom, at 8am, before the store was open. Apparently customers can hear you in a stock room.

Rab - the mens floor manager. He is a legend, works in a bar too, and got me in for free last night as I just turned 18. Free drinks were all around! He often comes into work drunk, and during our tidy up period he'll say something like "Right lads, get tidied and dick about for a bit". And will then go about calling me a crazy cunt, mocking other members of staff (in a playful way) and will randomly burst into '80s songs.

Kerry - the office manager. She's immensely sound! One of my favourite managers ever and is probably the manager I work hardest under in said clothing store! Can have a joke about, get work done, run out to the shop etc. I look forward going into work when she's in.

Gary - the store manager. He openly hates the place, yet like many store managers is an absolute perfectionist. Nice, genuine guy, good taste in music, is a drummer, and hasn't given me disciplinarys when I really should've had some! The only downer is that he's ginger.

Then there's Elaine - the Assistant manager / ladies floor manager. She is the person that hired me yet seems to hate me with a passion. Now the store I work in isn't exactly the best paid, and they expect you to spend all yer wages on the clothes as 'uniform'. So, I got a job in a sports fashion retail shop - we'll call them JC Sports... so, I phone up the first store on tuesday to check when I'm working and Elaine answers the phone. This is a fairly accurate account of the conversation I had with her.
"Alright Elaine, it's Colin, can you tell me when I'm working again?"
"Erm, not really, Colin..."
"Ok, I'll phone back later then."
"No, wait. I've had a discussion with Gary and we both feel that it'd be better if you don't work here anymore. The fact that you have another job means you are no good for us as it's conflict of interest..."
"Ok, is Gary in?"
"No, Gary's on holiday."
"When did you speak to him?"

She stuttered, said that, instead of sacking me, she wants me to hand in my notice with immediate effect. I'm questioning that as possibly unfair dismissal and will appeal it, just to waste time and resources.
I still sort of work there though, as Kerry & Rab still want me there. And I respond to those two people.

Apologies for length / lack of sense this may have made. I'm hungover. Big time.
(Fri 19th Jun 2009, 13:37, More)

» Impulse buys

Calvin Klein underwear...
I started working in a clothing retail store in September 2008, and have since, steadily declined into buying a shit load of clothes I really don't need, particularly Calvin Klein underwear - be it "Special Edition" gold, hot pink boxers, black, or red - I'll buy them all.
Today my most recent purchase was Calvin Klein's with a cool as fuck paisley design.
And I got 30% off them - which made them a mere £12.

Fucking bargain for a student!
(Mon 25th May 2009, 20:12, More)

» Siblings

Wow! I can post now :D

I've got a little brother, I'm 17, he's 15, about 18 months between us. I'm doing A Levels and working, and keeping myself fit, where my little brother isn't doing GCSE's, doesn't plan on getting a job (he said he'd turn up to a job interview in a tracksuit!) and is a smoker.
One of his favourite stories to tell is that when I was 9, we were all messing about up at a building site, and he smashed a concrete block over my head, requiring stitches. To this day, he calls that a 'fight' and one that he won.
Me & my little brother argue a lot, get into scuffles, hate each others friends and hate each others dress sense, and each others attitudes. However, I love him & I know he feels the same. Honest. He told me.

EDIT: Wow! A learner sign :)
(Tue 30th Dec 2008, 15:01, More)

» Gyms

True story.. happened about 6 weeks ago...
I was in the gym, doing a circuit class and decided to leave early to get showered and ready for work (I started work about an hour later and had to get changed and into town to my job).

So I left the studio, went to my locker, got naked and proceeded into the shower cubicles (there are 6 in one area, all facing each other).
Whilst casually walking, I happened to slip en route to the showers, banging my head and elbows rather hard against the tiles. I let out a yelp of pain followed by a "oh shit, there's blood!"
Before I had the chance to get myself back up, TWO, yes TWO, naked men came out of their cubicles offering me a hand to my feet.

I have never been so embarrased in my life. More embarrassment was added when, before the class started the following week, the instructor announced my accident.

I suppose it's karma for leaving the class early...
(Sun 12th Jul 2009, 22:52, More)

» Nightclubs

Well, there's been a couple of occassions...
When I've went for the slightly older woman...

My gym has 'social' nights out every now & again, and I'm one of the youngest members of my gym at the tender age of 17.

Now, at the first of these social events I went to, I ended up getting rather friendly with one of the other gym-girls - who is nearly 40. Not so sure what happened between us as I ended up completely legless - however, I woke up the next day with her number saved in my phone. She now refuses to look at me in the gym.. BRILLIANT!

On another night out, at a glam-rock night, I got chatting to this hot gothic girl. Ended up 'doing stuff' with her, gave her my number and she texted me a couple of days later - friendly chat, see if I was interrested, the usual. I thought she was about 20.
So, she asks me my age, I tell her, honestly, and she makes me feel mega guilty because she told me she just turned 30! Bit of a result for me, but I bet she was absolutely gutted. I'm going back to the same night in a few weeks - she told me she was a regular.. I wonder with a hair cut and maybe a sharp dress sense I could perhaps do it again. Or maybe with her mate. Who wasn't so bad.
(Sun 12th Apr 2009, 23:20, More)
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